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Would You Like a Cup of Tea?

Thursday, 30 March 2017


Castle Room - Pre-School


Chicken Licken visited our pre-school today. We read the story and then children worked hard to recall how the story went. It was fun to see how well can preschoolers listen, remember and retell. Later on, we moved onto Room on the Broom Story that is one of the very favorite stories in this room. Some children can tell the story almost word by word, there were no problems recalling what came next. J


Some children also pretended to have a Teddy Bear picnic today. Kids were really working on their "friendship" skills, learning how to be polite and well mannered with others during a formal picnic event.


We did lots of cutting, painting and sticking too. We learned shapes by cutting around them and following lines. There was a lot of good talking going on comparing shapes and how they look and what they remind us of.


Some children were making wrist watches today, have your little on brought one home? It wasn't an easy task but we did some excellent problem solving especially when the glue would not stick.





Jungle Room - Toddlers


We spent lots of time outside, it was so wonderful and warm and sunny, we decided to have our snacks in the garden today.

We took some construction toys outside too. Children were building towers from duplo and even used large garden dominos too.


We moved around a lot today too, did a lot of running, skipping and cycling. Later we were playing with the ball, throwing it, catching it and some time even kicking it a  little bit.


We got a bit messy today too, children were painting today, played with shaving foam and sand.


Toddlers also decided to have a tea party today, some had tea with milk, sugar - some asked for cakes and cookies too.


We were singing today too, all the nursery favorites that is.




Babies were listening and dancing to some lovely baby music today. We were singing and playing musical instruments too.

They went outside today and played in the sandpit too. We were climbing and sliding down the slide, learning how to walk forwards and backwards too.


Babies loved playing with the water today, we washed all the "babies" today in the bubble bath. After a good bath, we dried them off, fed them and put them to sleep. What good mummies and daddies we were today. 

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Monday- Wednesday, 27-29 March 2017




Castle Room - Pre-School


How much fun can children have with bubbles! We played with bubbles today, we found an amazing recipe that allowed us to create massive bubbles in the garden. Some were so big, you could fit a child inside one of them.


We also played games that helped our kids to notice shapes and patterns around the room thus extending their math knowledge and learning.


We did some wonderful dancing creating beautiful movements in response to music on our CD player. Suddenly, we had lots of ballerinas in the room. 

We also had a bit of zoology going on today, children observed our guinea pigs, what they were doing, what they like to eat, where they go to sleep. Good talking too, children used words to describe what they saw and what they think happens when they are not watching.


We did some cool writing too, children are learning letters from their names and had a go at writing their own name too.


We also started with a class helper of the day, cool to see how much children enjoy responsibility and helping others with small task. Well Done!


Messy play every day, we painted, built art using junk modeling, we made some play dough, had water and sand everyday.


Jungle Room - Toddlers


Toddlers did a bit of gardening on Monday, they were planting some watercress, trying to follow simple instruction. We also brought it herbs like thyme and rosemary and lavender for children to explore.


We sang counting songs that helped us to remember numbers 1-10, we also counted in Spanish just for the fun of it.


Going out to the garden, children negotiated a simple obstacle course that helped them to develop their eye - body coordination. A little bit of competition is always fun too. We also brought out our slides and tunnels today and a ball pool, that was a lot of fun too.

We also had a zoo inside our room today too, wild animals hidden in a lot of cut grass for them to explore and play with.


We learned numbers by using play dough and glitter to fill in number templates. We played with trains and cars, build a very - very long railway truck. We played with our balls and read stories too where children could point to pictures and name what they saw.



Babies were reading animal stories at the beginning of this week, we were pretending to make sounds animals make.

We also got a bit messy with water painting using a paint brushes and sponges on a chalk board and water mats.  


We did some dressing up too, babies liked pretending to be somebody / something else.


Babies also played some musical instruments while singing nursery rhymes.


We were also exploring our treasure baskets that were filled with new and exciting objects from around the house. Some where smooth, some were bristly, some where shiny some were dark and matt.


We played with flash cards today, we were imitating words and naming objects on the cards. Babies also played with tents and tunnels today, did a bit of lovely crawling through them. What a wonderful little explorers they were. 

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Plot Thickens with Jelly Bath

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Castle Room - Pre-School


Scientific plot thickens today with a Jelly Bath. It was great seeing children exploring different textures and temperature of jelly bath. It was also quite priceless listening to their observations. Most of the time, they were quite unsure about it all. Was it the thickness of it jelly? Slimyness or the temperature?

By now, kids are really used to getting messy but for some reason jelly mess was different. They careful exploring, they said it was slimy, cold and messy. Some even said that if felt like sand - really???


Later on today, they played a game where children had to identify odd words that did not rhyme with the rest of the poem. Some found it very hard, some did really well the first time. I think we will continue the game maybe in smaller groups to help children to find the odd word out.


We were also building stories around toys, we had lots of lovely talking, imagination and story telling. Here and there we had to help with questions but kids did really well at the end.


Hide and Seek was the way we were looking for numbers in our everyday environment. This activity was going on through out the day. We found numbers in the garden, around our room, shoes and coats even in the bathroom!



Jungle Room - Toddlers


Toddlers continued to play with animals today, making sounds like animals, building houses / stables for the horses and other farm animals. Later on we did skipping (horses) , walking (chickens) and side stepping like a crab.


Baloons were so popular yesterday that we had to do it again. It kept the little ones occupied for a long time.

They were also getting messy with lots of painting, sand and water that got mixed together. I remember when I was little, I used to love mixing sand and water, just mixing it all together and watching how texture changes, what patterns we can make with a spoon or just finger.




Babies did a bit of sticking today and yes babies were making some mothers day cards too. We love watching them try to pick small objects with their thumb and fingers, it is very hard to do when you are just very little.


They also played with the mirror, recognizing how they look, where their eyes are, noses and mouths.


We did singing too as we do every day, we read short stories in small groups helping babies to concentrate on noises adults make while reading a story. 

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Little Scientists

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Castle Room - Pre-School


Pre-school turned into little scientists today. We experimented with water and shaving foam, we were dropping small objects through the shaving foam and watched how the oily foam mixed with water, creating rainbows. This activity was so popular that we will have to do it few more times so all children can have a go to the fullest of their hearts desire. I am also told that we will have several scientific activities ready for our children so we can answer lots of "how" and "why" questions.


We also did some cool dancing with multi colored ribbons, this was mostly popular with the girls. Children were also cutting and sticking animals, and not only they had to cut and stick but they also had to decide which animal lives in the sky, land and water.


We continued to talk about our feelings, when we feel sad, happy, bored, excited…. Children used mirrors to make faces that would describe different feelings.


We also had some aroma therapy (fruity) water to play with. Kids played with water that was lemon scented in the morning and by the afternoon, we changed the water to smell like orange.


In the afternoon, we pulled our handy - tool set where children use hammers and nails to nail shapes to a cork board. We did watch them closely while doing that - guess what, they were all so careful. I don't think anybody hammered their little fingers during this activity.


Jungle Room - Toddlers


Toddlers were singing songs and played music today using our musical instruments.

Since it rained a bit, toddlers did a lot of play in the puddle today. They enjoyed jumping in the puddle like Peppa Pig, they also made foot prints which was lots of fun too.


They had a tray full of lavender water and bubbles today, they loved blowing bubbles. We had several balloons in the room too so it was all very airy today.


We read several good stories today, toddlers enjoy a good story in small groups. They were turning the pages themselves when the time came to move the story along.


We also had flour tray in the room today, kids love making trucks and marks in the flour. Later we added some water to make some sticky gloop. It was so much fun to turn dry flour into a sticky messy gloop.




Babies were playing in the sand today. We hid some toys in the sand and they were all trying to find the little treasures. We also have our baby slide in the sand and babies loved climbing up and sliding down.


We were also building towers today. Who can make the tallest tower. We had great fun knocking them down and building them up again.


Babies were getting messy with the paint and shaving foam, they were adding colours watching it all melt into funky shapes and patterns…

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Did Tiger Come for Tea?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Castle Room - Pre-School


We were developing our pre-school children's memories today through reading and repeating our favorite stories.


We were also remembering different shapes and sizes while sorting different colored shapes in our math corner. Not only were we remembering what different shapes look like, we were also sorting them by size and we were also learning how to use words of comparison like biggest, smallest, bigger and smaller, same and similar.


Weather was amazing today so we did a lot of running, skipping, jumping and hopping in the garden.


We were also working on our imagination and we spent quite a lot of time in our home corner talking about cooking and general house work. What does mummy and daddy do when they are in the kitchen? What do they cook and what ingredients do they need to cook your favorite dinner?


We also had our messy corner, art corner opened today. Children had lots of fun doing cutting, painting and mark making. Did you get your picture today? If not, please don't forget to ask for it when you come in the next time.


Jungle Room - Toddlers


Toddlers listened to a "Tiger" story today. (Follow that Tiger). Some of the children even recognized the story and what came next. We were excited to see when the children were all waiting for the "roar" to come.


Some of the children were learning a bit of IT today. They really enjoyed taking pictures on our IPads. They loved taking pictures in the garden and were very proud of themselves when they managed to follow simple instructions how to do it. Maybe next time, we will involve our CD player too.


Our messy play involved rice and hiding animals in it.  Children loved making animal noises. They also spent a long time exploring how rice feels to their little fingers.




Babies were role playing today. They played with dolls, taking care of them, feeding them and putting them to bed. We did a lot of talking and we encouraged them to start forming sentences by putting at least two words together.  


Since the weather was so nice babies really enjoyed going out to the garden. They were learning how to negotiate steps, climbing and sliding down our little baby slide.


Babies were also taking part in teddy bear's picnic. We pretended to drink tea and eat biscuits and cookies. It was lovely to see our little ones to play with adults they like. 

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Spring Song

Monday, 20 March 2017


Castle Room - Pre-School


I am told, today is the first day of Spring, well - it really did not feel like it, it was raining and rather cold today. Nevertheless, we still managed to go out to the garden, kiddies had a good run around today.

Pre-school children had fun listening to a story today and we made sure that we really modeled an "angry" voice and a "soft" voice. We had a little game after trying to guess what "angry" sounds like and what "soft and sweet" sounds like.


While we were in the garden, we were doing some exercises, we used words like "strong", stretch, floppy, gentle… this exercises kind of tied into our story telling also.


As always, we encouraged children to be kind and considerate to each other, sharing does not always come easy to the little ones.


In our art corner, children were creating their own books by using pictures they made themselves. Lots of cutting and sticking …


Jungle Room - Toddlers


Toddlers were full of beans today - maybe they were waiting for the Spring that never really come today. We took them to the garden - nevertheless, they needed to use up some of that stored energy they were feeling.


When they came back, we read short stories to them in smaller groups, helping tots to learn how to sit and concentrate a little.


Some of the older tots were learning - to count by playing "what's the time mr wolf" game. Some counted, some just jumped around but for most of them the game was good fun.


Almost all the kids had a good go at picking hidden objects from our sand tray, not easy when all you can use is tongs.


As always, we are teaching the little ones how to be nice to each other and to be able to accept rules and boundaries of being close to other children and adults.


We also did a bit of mark making with paint and also using cookie cutters and string.


Later on, toddlers went on a bear hunt, it was good fun to hide our little teddy bears and tots had fun trying to find them in the room.  




Babies were using blocks to build some towers and houses around our "road carpet". They used cars and busses to pretend to drive along the road. Good eye hand coordination there.


Babies also sing a bit today, they also used instruments to enhance the musical performance. Shakers were the favorite ones today.


We read short stories and we played with the ball too. We are getting there, we can almost roll the ball back and forth. 

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