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Colours of Spring!

Babies have been exploring spaces this week by crawling through tunnels and playing peek a boo in the tent with each other and their key people. They were using the soft play to access the the tents and stepping on spaced apart cushions around the room like stepping stones. The home corner has been a big hit this week I keep getting offered pretend cups of tea where they have been in the home corner doing early role play however their favourite game at the moment seems to be taking things in and out of the cupboards in the pretend kitchen.

I spent some time in there this week with a baby who to my amazement started to name the colours of the rings I was spinning while she watched avidly poised waiting for the right moment to put her hand out to stop it handing it to me again and saying, "ready steady go anticipating" when I would start it moving again so that she could repeat the whole process.

Jungle have been burying treasure in the soil for the children to dig up and explore, they started with seeds that they had to sieve out and ended with carrots and potatos so that they could see where they come from originally. The children loved this activity and enjoyed their own little piece of allotment in their classroom to tend. They also had fun with fork painting to make beautiful coloured tulips for their garden display and to add texture the soil on the display was actually a mixture of brown paint and soil which they enjoyed experimenting with and looks very effective.

Castle turned their home corner into an actual castle with play food fit for a banquet. They told me they thought the castle belonged to the BFG as the there was so much food . They learned about St.Georges day and made their own shields to celebrate. They also explored their emotions and what makes them happy and sad using puppets and potato heads to make faces of how they feel and it seems they are most of them are happy when they go to a soft play area or the park. Our tadpoles have become froglets and have tiny legs growing which is fascinating the children as they still have tails but they can also see that they are starting to resemble frogs. Our caterpillars have now turned to chrysalis and we all waiting for them to turn into beautiful butterflies. We will keep you posted. Also one of our children that is interested in dinosaurs came in this morning asking to find out how fast his Brachiasauras could run! Richard ,never to be one to be defeated ,said "that's a good idea we will do an experiment to find out later". Well I have to admit to being beyond curious so I stayed to watch while he tied a piece of string from the ceiling to make a slope attached the dinosaur and balloon and the children counted while the balloon deflated and shot the dinosaur down the string! Genius! And the child got his answer.

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Spring is Here!

We have been embracing spring this month and every room is planting or growing something! We also had a very special visitor come in and help the children to plant marigolds for charity and she will be returning sometime this month to give out certificates to the children for helping and seeing how they have grown.


The children have been planting sunflowers and green beans and are impatient to watch them grow , so while they are waiting for this miracle to show itself from the soil they have been making their own. They made tissue paper tulips which are all the colours of the rainbow and look gorgeous and the children enjoyed extending their small motor skills by tearing and scrunching up the paper to stick on to their masterpiece. They have also made sunflowers from paper by sticking real sunflower seeds on them for texture and to make them look more realistic while waiting for them to grow. They talk about them and water them and watch with baited breath for the first tiny shoot. We also have a new addition to the classrooms, a tank full of tadpoles which again the children are watching avidly for any change and are fascinated by and we will keep you posted of their progress.

Castle They are learning about lifecycles and as well as tadpoles they have caterpillars which the children are waiting to turn into painted lady butterflies and they have named them, Daniel, Ice cream , Bob, Rose and Jessica! Unfortunately they can not name all the tadpoles as there are far too many of them. However I have been assured that every child in the room now knows the lifecycle of a caterpillar and when I tested that theory they were able to tell me that the caterpillar eats a lot and then falls asleep in a cocoon for 2 weeks and comes out a butterfly. While they wait patiently for the caterpillars to change they have been making their own using paper loops , threading pasta and using cups to print circle caterpillars. The home corner has been turned into a potion shop with various coloured water for mixing and and putting in bottles for them to shake up and change the colour and lots of ingredients to put in themselves and stir. Babies The babies have been having fun with puppets this week and using them as props for their song box. They have used the kitchen toys in the sand to pour and experiment with as well as multi-coloured rice which they could use to sieve and shake enjoying the noise it made and exploring the texture. Also as the weather has been lovely for a change! We have spent some time in the garden washing the dollies and other types of water play. Shaving foam play has been a big hit again with both the children and the staff! And they have made their own play dough to squidge and mould as well as using their balancing skills to build with small blocks.

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Space and Planets are Always Fun!

Space and Planets

Jungle have been exploring space this week which was child led by one of the children that visited the planetarium at the weekend and to my amazement was able to show me all the planets and name them and told me we live on the green bit on earth! From this they started to make paper mache planet which the children enjoyed getting messy with and then painting them spectacular colours. They made plate moons and paper rockets and made a tall rocket out of junk modelling which can be seen on display in the corridor as can the stars with the childrens faces on. They made alien handprints and moon sand with foil moon rocks to extend their messy play and enjoyed the Alien green jelly with googly eyes in so much that they are making it again this week accompanied with the songs zoom zoom zoom and 5 little spacemen.

While jungle have been exploring space Pre-school have been exploring healthy eating, one of my favourite activities was frozen peas in water, the children were able to watch them melt and once melted able to squish them and mould them in their hands. They have been learning about the hungry caterpillar and to extend their learning we have bought a butterfly garden so that they can watch the lifecycle of a butterfly themselves. They also made a huge caterpillar out of paper plates and they extended it to a maths activity by naming the plates with the days of the week and matching the caterpillars food to each plate according to the book finally joining all the plates together to make a huge caterpillar and counting the amount of food on each plate on each day. They learned about healthy food and matched the colours to the fruit and learned about foods that are good and bad for our teeth. Babies have been dancing today for sports relief. Exploring sensory Easter basket with different textures, song box, using dressing up clothes to practice with. They also made bunny photo frames out of paper plates and put their faces through the hole in the middle.

Next week is Easter and we will be doing lots of fun activities to celebrate.

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Blast Off!

10, 9 , 8, 7, 6,5,4,3,2,1. Blast off!!!!

The children in castle room have been following their interest in the book 'what happened next about a rocket going into space and made their own rocket display which looks stunning and turned their role play area into a shiny space station.

They have learned about chemical reactions that make the rockets soar into the air , or not, as the case may be! And have enjoyed exploring different sensory experiences using jelly bath and water to splodge around in and making star shapes in the tuff tray which has become a white sparkly moon crater. Babies have had fun exploring music and movement and enjoyed climbing over the soft play and jumping off with support. They also enjoyed looking at their faces in the mirror and smiling finding their noses in their reflections.

We built an obstacle course to encourage walking and push along toys were used to encourage them to walk independently and to encourage them to dress themselves they were given a selection of dressing up clothes to explore. Although they didn't always manage to put the clothes on themselves they knew where they went and one tried to put the hat on their head while another waved the scarf in the air before playing peek a boo with it.

They also enjoyed the bubble machine saying pop as they reached up to get the bubbles and laughing while others sat in the tuff try on large paper making marks with large crayons around where they were sitting. Jungle have been learning about big and small and have drawn themselves on paper to compare how tall they are and have also been doing a lot of music and movement , using small and large movements and making small and large circles with their ribbons

They were given a sorting tray with small and large objects in to sort into two groups with support from their key people and measured the objects and themselves with help.

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New Year’s Wishes!

Happy New Year to everyone . We have been fairly quiet this week as it is still half term but that doesn't mean we havnt still been doing lots of fun activities.

In fact a member of staff from baby room came upstairs looking like a snowman yesterday where she had been exploring shaving foam with the babies and they started clapping with it! Well Im sure you get the picture!

Babies have also been painting with stampers on large paper which as well as painting on they have had lots of fun scrunching up in their hands and feeling the texture when the paper was wet.

They have been rolling balls backwards and forwards to each other although the only ball they were interested in using for this was the he exercise ball which is nearly as big as them. One child tried to kick it and ended up falling on top of it as he didn't realise how big it was!

Jungle have been learning about hot and cold and doing lots of fun experiments to tell the difference and have been talking about the danger aspect of touching things that are too hot.

They have made silly soup, singing the song and to their extreme amusement picking objects out of the bowl and talking about them.

They have also enjoyed a lot of messy play, with shaving foam, but also with mud this week due to the amount of rain we have had in the garden the children have been able to play in the mud kitchen inbetween torrential downpours!

Castle room is under transformation at the moment, if you go in there you will find an interactive board for the children to use with Velcro backed people and clothes and a map of the world is going up shortly with people that live there.

There is also an exploration area for the children to explore their environment with magnifying glasses and binoculars etc. and today when I was in there they were making table top pictures with cars in paint which they absolutely loved.

Look forward to seeing you all back next week


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Christmas is almost here!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay in the blogs this month it's a crazy time of year but Im sure I don't have to tell all of you that!

Well this is it the final countdown and your children have been busy making you surprise gifts which means I am not allowed to give too much away.


For some of the babies its their first Christmas which is really exciting and they are keen to explore every part of it.

We have been playing Christmas music for them to dance to and one of their favourites seems to be rockin around the Christmas tree which they like to jiggle around to while covering themselves in tinsel.

There has been lots of glitter painting , and painting with tinsel,but I cant say what for as it's a surprise , in fact every parent has a bagful of surprises made by their children and they really are beautiful keepsakes.

The shredded paper has proved popular in the tuft tray and they enjoy gathering it up and throwing it around and sitting and exploring in it and throwing it over each other and watching it flutter down. They have enjoyed making decorations with paper plates and getting messy in glittery foam, making marks and enjoying the sensory experience. They have also been trucking the toy cars through it to make tracks and and exploring the texture of playdough enjoying the feel of it sticking to their fingers.

We have had emotion cushions in their this week and the babies have enjoyed sitting on them and transporting them around but havn't really noticed the faces on them although the staff have been pointing out the different faces on them, smiley, sad etc. the children preferred to sit on them .

There has been lots of dressing up we have had baby elves , baby santas and baby snowmen especially last week when we celebrated Christmas jumper day and we thank you all for taking part.


We have been celebrating Christmas in jungle room by making lots of presents for our parents, again I am sworn to secrecy but there has been lots of threading and decorating with glitter , each other as well as the presents! which I'm sure you will all love your children have put a lot of effort into them.

Also for a small donation we have individual photos of your children and they have each decorated their own photo frames these can be seen on the display table outside jungle room.

Thank you to all those that attended the Christmas sing a long in Jungle room last week , I'm sure we are all agreed that they did really well and it was lovely that you all joined in on the last song. Thank you.


We have been taking part in lots of turn taking and sharing games this week as well as making presents for our parents.

Outside castle room on our Christmas display board you can see all of the activities your children have been participating in. Thank you for all those who took part in the nativity play, the children looked amazing and we discovered a few stars! One parent said that it was so beautiful she didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

We have been signing and singing Christmas songs and they love the song 5 currant buns at the moment which we changed to mince pies for the occasion and they are all enjoying joining in.

All of you should have a Christmas bag of goodies that your children have made especially for you to keep so enjoy opening them, they also should have their individual letters from Santa. Any pictures you would like to send us of your children over the festive season will be gratefully received..

Lastly I would like to thank Tescos Gillingham for donating food for our Christmas Jumper party thanks to one of our parents.

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