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To the Moon and Back

Baby Room

Babies explored moon sand this week which is made of baby oil and cornflour  and you can find the recipe and many other ideas for babies learning on pintrest. They had great fun exploring the texture and extended their own play by adding the animals which made great prints in the sand to their great amusement.

They are learning to use their spoons to eat rather than their fingers to develop their health and self care and one baby had difficulty shaking the shepherds pie off of her spoon so the staff member showed her how to scrape it off with another spoon. To our amazement the following day the same baby repeated this action without being prompted! We have such clever babies !

One of our core books is Little Rabbit Fu Fu which if you havn't read it with your child is great fun and depending on the childs age they can join in with you with the repetitive phrases and also develops their listening and attention skills.

We made a black and white treasury box which they all had fun exploring to identify new objects and introduce them to new words to extend their play in the black and white area.

Last but not least I am sure you have all seen our amazing obstacle course made with soft play and a cardboard box which has kept our babies attention for nearly 3 weeks now , well the box has finally broken but im sure you will all agree that it has lasted well and the babies have loved every minute of it.

Also big news! Most of our babies are now toddling so get your skates on mums and dads this is where the fun really begins!

Jungle Room

Jungle room have been exploring under the sea and are reading the rainbow fish book to encourage sharing. Again another book worth adding to your library if you don't already have it. Children of this age love to share stories with you.

We explored squishy bags full of blue gel to simulate the sea and enjoyed watching it squish around in the bags using lots of new words to describe the feeling and the noises it made as it sloshed about.

We have been learning about mark making using different objects including fruit and vegetables and used celery to make the scales on the rainbow fish and understanding the world around us by discovering how they need to live in water and how they swim.

Castle room

Castle room have been learning about how to care for different animals and how important it is to keep them clean and they cleaned the toy animals themselves enjoying splashing around immensely! We also learned about the importance of keeping our selves clean developing their health and self care and understanding as well as making relationships by joining in and helping their friends during this activity.

We made bird feeders from pipe cleaners and cereal which the children found fascinating and enjoyed learning about as well as developing their hand-eye co-ordination and small manipulative skills while threading the cereal onto the pipecleaners.

We had a show and tell with various pets .Some children and staff brought their  own pets in and thank you for the pictures of your pets you have been sending us , please keep them coming.





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Reminder to Come to our Summer Fete tomorrow

Reminder! - Invitation to Summer Fete July 29, 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please keep this date available as we would love to see you all there!

What will happen during the day?

School leavers come at 10:00 - 12:00 for Graduation Assembly

(we will be singing songs, will receive certificates and there will be a chance to have your graduation photo taken with a professional photographer)

FETE Celebrations (12:00 - 3:00) - Everyone

(Bouncy Castle, BBQ, Face Painting, Tombola, Raffle, and many more fun games for kids to take part in.) 

Our professional photographer will be available during the entire day, so if you would like to have a picture taken, she can do it for you on the day. This, of course means that you might want to balance the way your children are dressed. Please dress them as you want them on the picture but also, please keep in mind that they will be active and playing lots of games and running around. 

We are planning our garden refurbished, so we will have ideas ready for you to view. We want to hear what you hear!  Also, please bring change as activities will cost £0.50p - £1:00 and face painting is £1:50.

Some of the Ruffle Prices will include:

1) Flip Out - free session on trampoline park 2) Cream Voucher worth £10.00 3) Free Family Ticket to go Ice Skating 4) Cake  5) Dance Alley Tickets _ free dance class

If anyone can donate some cool items to the tombola, please call our office on 01634 780 165. These don't have to be expensive items, if you can offer your time (hairdresser a haircut, beatishan nail art, Henna painting, free oil change on a car, free lawn cut, car wash - use your imagination) Please let us know.

We hope you can come, can't wait to see you all. 

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Open Day at PDSA!


Open Day at PDSA!

 We concluded our pet week with an amazing visit to the PDSA animal hospital. Both children from Jungle room (toddlers) and Castle room (pre-schoolers) visited our neighbour PDSA animal hospital. They had an open day today with many fun activities an

d so much to see.

 Children had a chance to watch a dog show, with Benji the dog winning the competition. We also took part in the tour of the grounds and premises, we saw some dogs that were sleeping because they just had an operation. We saw a cat x-ray, the poor animal had a broken leg. 

 We could also go into an operation room ,where we had a chance to "operate" on a staffed doggy. He was filled with shredded paper and the task was for children to locate and pull out lollypops only using tweezers.

 The absolute bonus of the day, that we did not expect to get, was an opportunity to sit in a local patrolling police car. Children had an opportunity to sit in the car and also have a chat with the local police man about all the exciting things that he does every day.

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Mystery Egg



So I need to write another blog today as we had a mystery egg arrive to our setting today. 

One of our wonderful children brought an egg in today and it was a very mysterious egg indeed. It was smaller than normal chicken egg but bigger than some quail egg. She found the egg in her garden today so as we have a pet week, we decided to investigate.

First we looked at the egg and noticed that it was perfectly white, no spots or colouring of any kind. then we shined a light to see if there was a little bird inside. We could not see any. We took a ruler and measured the egg to see how long it was. Once we collected all the data, we talked about different birds that live in our neighbourhood. We have I-Pads in our Pre-School room so we opened an internet browser and started searching for different birds that live in Kent, and eggs they lay. children spent a considerable time comparing our mystery egg with the images. We went through all the possibilities and improbabilities and we decided that the mystery egg must came from momma woodland pigeon or maybe momma dove. I wonder if there are more eggs where this one come from. 

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Have a Guess What Pet we Met



Our pretend (roll play) corner has turned into a Vet surgery.  We planned a visit to the PDSA animal hospital for Friday, so we are now learning about pets and how we care for them. Children are bringing in pictures of their pets and we are now chatting about how we look after different types of pets, what they like and what they don't like.

We had a parrot cockatiel come in yesterday, today we had caterpillars and two of them have turned into cocoons. We will be watching them every day to see when they turn into butterflies.  

We were hand printing some fish - and stuck some googly eyes onto them. Or just had fund exploring free style mark making.

We are practicing out graduation songs and cool dancing for our Fete performance this Saturday.



Jungle Room is still having lots of fun with our Jungle theme. We continued to read the ever favorite Monkey Puzzle book. Toddlers love the repetition of the story, and they are also learning repeating refrains.

We also had lots of fun making monkey's and elephants in our junk modeling / art corner. Doing so, we not only had fun but we were also learning about safe tool handling, we learned how to cut and use scissors, use a sticky tape dispenser, paint and paint brushes and glue.

We have a new water tray and we could not get the kids part with it as it was so much fun.

We were also building this magnificent garage and road toy construction that was donated to us by a very kind parent.

George our Jungle Monkey mascot has had his first home visit. Children earn the right to take him home through positive behavior during the week. We encouraged our parents to look at our Jungle photo folder that is outside the room and follows George's journey. Next week will will be moving onto Sea World theme. Please bring anything exciting in that we can use for show and tell and circle time.




Baby Room


Babies are totally mesmerized by our massive cardboard box, we can not get them out of it. We have soft play shapes and they have to negotiate some steps and obstacles in order to get into the box. Once they reach their target, we can't get them out, they love it so much.

Babies were also ice painting today, we had fun making animal noises. We continued to play with coloured rise as babies loved filling and pouring activities and sounds it makes. We also extended their learning by making musical shakers. We will use them during our singing and music time when all the glue dries and they will be safe to use.  We were encouraging babies to follow simple instructions - we played hide and seek with animals and babies were asked to find different animals they recognize.

Babies were also developing their self care by pretending to bath babies / dollies in bubble bath. We got messy with shaving foam and some children built very tall towers from our wooden blocks.





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From Pirates to Jungle we Traveled….



We had a transport week in pre-school. We had so much making paper clip, airplanes.

We made cars out of paper plates where we did lots of cutting and sticking.  We also talked about different shapes and what shape is best for a car to be able to move along a road. We were counting wheels and doors and how many passengers cars can take and we found that some children have cars at home that take 5 people but some children have cars that can take as many as 7 people.

We had a very cool race where tin foil boats were racing on the water and children had to move them along by flowing through straws.

We also used sticky tape that children were sticking on the floor and made train trucks. Doing this, we encouraged their imaginary play,  we developed their math skills by using measuring tape and compared different lengths, learned about a strait line and that it never ends. They also remembered how to use tools safely. And while doing it, we all worked as a team and of course we were talking about different trains and what they are used for.

We san songs and played musical instruments and the favorite song was wheels on the bus. They were independently re-calling the lyrics of the song when prompted inside the song.

We all let of some steam while pretending to be race cars in the garden and we had so much fun running around.

So last week, we learned some new words, air traffic, road safety, conductor, platform, train engineer, people carrier, mini bus….

This week, children are turning in to Pirates - Arrrgh!


Jungle Room turned into a Jungle last week.

As we had a Jungle week, children enjoyed Monkey Puzzle book very much. They loved the story so much they were requesting in again and again. I have a feeling that they might read the story for few more weeks to come.

We also made Jungle trees and learned how to use tools safely. Tools we used included scissors, staplers and tape dispensers. Through playing Jungle Bingo, the older children had many opportunities to learn turn taking and how to wait for their turn. Mostly they learned how to recognize and remember where the matching pictures have been placed. Good memory training there. 

We were also working on our fine motor skills by threading past tubes onto straws that were stuck in play dough. This game will help us to develop our skills so much needed for pen control later on. Children also received a gift of a new Dolls House that they enjoyed very much and hey made lots of "make believe" play using it.

In our Art and Craft Area, they were working on our wonderful Jungle Collage and while we were making it, we had a good chat about patterns and shapes and colours and all the cool stuff and animals that live in a Jungle forest.


Baby Room was so busy last week.

Babies played with coloured rise, learning how to poor and fill their cups. They made cakes and really enjoyed decorating them and we think they enjoyed eating them too after they took them home.

Babies also took part in making their own fruit smoothies, they selected their own favorite fruits that we used as their own recipe. Some where a great success but some were not so favorite. Some babies pulled some funny faces others drunk all the smoothies. Check out babies days for their pictures. Babies also enjoyed their very own obstacle course in the garden and we loved watching them to move confidently in their own environment.

We introduced our new babies to our song box where they select the prop to initiate what song they want to sing. Each prop represents a song. 

We looked at some lovely baby books too. Babies are now very comfortable with self serving, we bought them some bigger serving spoons and serving dishes which they like very much.





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