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October with Autumn Colours

There is a distinct autumnal feel to the nursery at the moment. This month we have been collecting tins of food for the homeless to celebrate Harvest Festival and the lady from the soup kitchen will be coming to pick up the food and teach the children where it is going and why. The pre-school children learnt a song to go with this about  fruit and vegetables which  was posted on our app.

Baby room have been looking at picture cards this week to extend their vocabulary and learn new words as well as being taught by reading new books. The babies and staff enjoyed getting messy with shaving foam although some babies would only explore with a finger while others wanted to roll around in it! We have pumpkins in every room and babies are using theirs to learn their facial features by placing eyes ,nose, mouth etc on the pumpkin to resemble a face. To extend their fine manipulative skills the babies have also been using chunky chalks to mark make and some of the older babies are practising feeding themselves with support.


Jungle  Room

Jungle room have been using their pumpkins for various activities , they have made a lantern which makes the room look nice and cosy and inviting which the children love. They have also used them to extend hand-eye co-ordination by hammering golf tees into them which they had a lot of fun doing and they made glupe out of the pumpkin flesh and glue which provided a valuable sensory experience and made some great paintings by using spin art with a salad spinner.

Castle Room

Castle room have been practising a monster dance which will be posted on our app tomorrow . They have been making playdoh pictures on placemats and they have made their pumpkin into a house for small world play.

Last week following the children's interests they changed their home corner into a castle kitchen and this week they have added coloured water and other ingredients to make pretend potions and the flesh of the pumpkins to make pumpkin soup.

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Welcome to the New School Year!

Welcome to The New School Year!

Well it is the beginning of the new term and we are all busy welcoming our new children who are settling in extremely well.

Baby room have been doing lots of sensory learning. They have been experimenting with paint and coloured rice making amazing works of art. They have been exploring the paint using their hands, rollers and brushes and anything they can lay their hands on! Aswell as exploring they have also been learning to pass things from one hand to another and those that are able have been learning to feed themselves with a spoon although they have needed support to get it to their mouths without the food falling off! Which resulted in some disappointed faces when they realised there was nothing left on their spoon but they soon learned not to turn the spoon upside down.



Castle Room have had a complete change around and we have a nice quiet area for them to crawl into if they so wish . With the new children settling we have done our planning around the childrens interests so we have a dinosaur world in the tuft tray, free painting where they can go and paint using their imagination and lots of role playing life skills in the home corner. They are also learning the rules of the nursery, kind hands, walking feet etc. and some of the older ones have been practising their pencil grip.

Jungle rooms children are fascinated with treasure at the moment and one of our toddlers walks around saying ' x marks the spot'! So they have planned around the childrens interests and the children have been making treasure maps by staining the paper with tea to make it look old and then they are going to put their own marks on the paper. They are making treasure by painting pebbles silver and gold and then they are going to put them in a treasure box and it will be hidden. They will then be taught to follow simple instructions with support from the practitioner to find where the treasure is hidden. They are all very excited about this.They have been learning about the Pirates love underpants book which also coincides with their toilet training and following the ship and treasure theme they will be making a ship out of boxes and telescopes out of kitchen roll holders. They also have a treasure map hidden in the sand which they can trace with with their fingers.

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Summer Fun

Baby room have been experimenting with foods and how they taste. Today they tried melon, pineapple, cherry and pear which led to lots of funny faces and grimaces if they did not like the taste or texture.

Our teachers are reading single word books to the children to promote their recognition and language and they particularly like the book with animals where they can make the sounds to accompany the picture.

We have started prop bags for the songs to go alongside our song box todays bag included bell , bus, small world people and I will leave it to you to guess the song they were presenting.

Jungle Room

Jungle room have been looking at stories and they have been looking at 3 billy goats gruff , gingerbread man and goldilocks alongside the stories they have been planning activities to embed the stories. They walked along a pretend bridge,  made a bridge out of junk modelling, told the story with puppets and made a memory game and collage  and today they are making porridge to role play goldilocks.

Castle room

Our pre-schoolers have been Recognising and copying the letters of their names from their sef-registration board, talking about friendly behaviour and how we act towards others which has extended to role play in the home corner and drawing pictures and discussing them. To promote turn taking and sharing they have been taking part in small group games such as lotto and bingo . They have also been making up their own songs in small groups and we have been writing the words down so that we can display them. They have been taking part in a listening and attention game where they have to guess who is speaking without looking and looking at different shapes in the classroom.

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Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful time these last few days celebrating Spring and Easter! All at Happy Bunnies wish you a wonderful time off this long bank holiday!

Let there be many eggs for your little ones to find and lots of fun to have finding them. We will be closed This Friday and coming Monday (April 19 - April 21)

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Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Happy Bunnies team is wishing you a very Merry, Jolly and Happy Christmas! We had so much fun with your babies during our Christmas parties, we hope you can enjoy your time with your families and friends. We will see you again this Wednesday December 27th.

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Happy Bunnies in Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here and with it come the beautiful colours and textures for us all to explore.

We have been out collecting leaves for displays and there are conker monsters in jungle room, spider webs in castle and leaves to explore in baby room. Babies have enjoyed looking at their faces in the mirrors this week . the tuft tray was put in the middle of the room and filled with baby mirrors and some of the babies immediately went to it and sat in it looking in the mirrors while others watched. Some of the babies were able to name some of their features.They also enjoyed mark making in a tray where they were mark making with chalk and started to make marks in the tray then sat on the marks so that they disappeared. Jungle room have been re-enacting the owl babies story with owl toys which led to them going on the leaf hunt , making conker monsters and the start of their autumn display which consists of making trees with finger painting and potato leaf prints. They also played with gloop and experimented with it by adding various other ingredients such as strawberry jelly which turned it pink, paint to change the colour and glitter to make it sparkly. So I apologise if all your children went home looking like sparkly fairies! But then it is nearly Christmas so only to be expected. They have been enjoying physical activities with the parachute and the balls and extending their memory with our jungle memory bingo game and shape cards. Castle have been continuing the theme of autumn, they have made a giant spiders web for their classroom and there are coloured spiders on it to make a counting game. They have been doing conker threading and their discovery tray has been full of leaves acorns and big logs for them to look at through our magnifying glasses, cotton bud trees and fairies made of leaves. They have also been looking at the differences between food and food tasting to find out their favourite food and have done a map with their favourite things to do with their families, their favourite books, music and making fruit smoothies with their favourite fruits.

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