Snowman in September!

Baby Room


Well that’s another week gone I have no idea where the time goes! This week baby room have been exploring their senses and they filled a tuft tray with foam for the children to make tracks with the cars in and experience the texture , however one baby decided to go that bit further and tried to roll in it ending up looking like a snowman much to his hilarity and was quite happy to pose for photos for his parents to see later showing how clever he was.

Animals have played a big part in baby room this week as well as parts of the body. They had toy animals in the sand and the babies took great delight in mimicking the sounds and crunching them around in the malleable sand as well as making handprints and feeling the sand trickle through their hands.

They have been looking at themselves in the mirror and pulling faces and kissing themselves and starting to recognise that when they move their image moves although they don’t quite understand when another baby sits in front of them why they can no longer see themselves so they are quite keen to crawl to the front of the queue again!

Our toddlers have been practising their physical skills in the garden and are very proud off the fact that they are mastering the art of climbing steps with support and have also claimed the boxes from our shopping this week for their soft play.

This combined with experimenting with wooden blocks, stacking them, pushing them over, watching them fall, enjoying the noise when they fall over and of course being able to pick one up off of the floor without  tumbling over themselves has led to a full and productive week of learning.



Jungle have been continuing their all about me theme to promote self- esteem and confidence in our little ones.

They have been making puzzle faces of themselves and their friends and are learning to recognise each other in the process and guessing which feature belongs to who and having fun mixing them up.

They continue to learn signing and the sign this week is ‘good morning ‘ which we have been practising right across the nursery and if we were in any doubt if the children were learning it one of our children signed more at the dinner table this week with a very proud grin on her face.

Continuing the all about me theme Jungle room have been decorating people shapes to look like themselves and their friends and have been making lots of handprints and comparing shapes and sizes and learning to be kind to each other. One of our older children gave his most precious possession of a train to one of our new children when they were playing without any prompting showing they are beginning to share and turn take which as we all know is one of the hardest things to do when you are two years old!

The paper plate portraits are going on display this week and I have to say we have some very talented budding artists some of the likenesses are brilliant and the children will get the opportunity to  spot themselves on the wall.

They have also been very energetic this week in Jungle room and have been using the soft play indoors to make obstacle courses as well as our natural resources outside and I believe their has been the odd gruffalo hunt going on in the garden led by Richard according to one of our parents that works quite close and said her and her colleagues love listening to the fun the children are having out there!

Castle Room

Wintery butterflies

Castle have had a very messy week the most recent of which was glupe in the tuft tray which they delighted in picking up over again and watching it drip off of their fingers in amazement.

They have also been measuring their feet by painting them and walking side by side on large paper and comparing their sizes so if you picked your child up last week and their feet were a funny colour I apologise. Added to this they did some friendship colour mixing where they painted their hands with different primary colours and then rubbed them together to see what different colour they made.

They have been experimenting with all sorts of fragrances in the playdough and the paint again this week and one of the most fascinating experiments they did this week was to put different fragrances in the paint let the children paint with them and then smell the paint and the results were the paint with herbs in was described as smelling like trees and chocolate, with parsley in was described as white chocolate (there seems to be a pattern forming here!) however one child described the smell of cinnamon as marmite and chocolate, and the garlic as smelling like a car! Oh and chocolate of course!

And we made a very funny looking hat using a colander and pipe cleaners. They enjoyed choosing different coloured pipe cleaners and using their fine manipulative skills to thread them through the holes of the colander, when it was finished they proclaimed it a funny hat.

They were told the story of goldilocks and the three bears in a very animated rendition using props with the children’s help pretending to mix the porridge in the different sized bowls and finishing with a music session with instruments teaching the children to play them loudly and softly and singing loudly and softly to explore the range of their voices leading to just a whisper and finishing with one of their favourite songs, ‘walking through the jungle’

That’s about it for this week.

Have a good weekend.

New Academic Year – So much to do…



This week we have been welcoming our new friends and helping them to settle in. We have been exploring our environment with all our senses and feeling bags full of oats, squidgy washing up liquid, glupe and shaving foam. These were stuck to the window next to our walking bar to encourage the babies to pull themselves up and stand. Our older babies seem to have grown up all of a sudden and instead of hearing babbling when I walk in now I can hear words and my name called up the stairs when I walk past and instead of crawling they are running over to me and its lovely to witness the progression. Soft play has been popular in their room again as has shredded paper and the ball pool where their favourite game seems to be lets throw all the balls into the corridor and wait for someone to give them back, where one of the other babies  saw the ball pool and dived right in.

Some of our babies have moved up a room and are enjoying exploring a new environment and getting very messy.


April 060

In Jungle this week they have also been welcoming new friends, some from baby room which they already know  and others that they don’t. The sign of the week has been ‘finished’ so if your children start making funny gestures at you its our fault. If you would like to find out about each sign of the week please ask Richard as we all learning the same signs at the same time.

To get to know themselves and each other more they were given a paper plate and a mirror to paint their own portraits and measured each other to see how tall everybody is which is being made into individual displays. They have also been learning their body parts from posters and books .However the best activity of the week in my opinion was the feet painting. Watching the children stare at their feet wrapped in bubble wrap and watching them walk in the paint and then on the paper was priceless as was the sensory experience. Not to mention the popping as they walked on the bubble wrap although we had a few bottom prints as well as a few decided to sit down in it!



Castle room have also been settling new children and drawing themselves using a mirror . They have also turned the home corner into a very cosy sitting room with a pretend log fire and the children have been using it as a communal area to sit and relax in.

We have also been kindly donated a large African snail which you may have seen in castle room and the children are in the process of naming it ,they have each said a name of their choice and the name will be picked next week. I have heard one of the suggestions for a name was’ turbo’ which gets my vote!

They have also been playing body part bingo which they all love and have been experimenting making different types of playdough and putting strange things in the water play which you may have seen like tea leaves and basil.

Also it is my great pleasure to announce our Ofsted report has been published and we received a very strong good across the board. If you would like to read it yourselves the link is  and put in our addresss or you can ask us for a copy.



Some Fun in August Sun

Water Painting

Baby Room

In August our babies have been dancing, getting messy and making lots of fun sounds. Nothing new there then!

What is new however was the fantastic sensory trays that they were given to explore with their feet! Each tray had a different sensory experience from shredded paper to oats and wet sand and the babies were helped to stand in each one and explore with their feet. The result was a varied range of responses and reactions, some were willing to have a go at this new experience with support of their keyperson and wanted to repeat the experience, others watched warily to see the others reaction before trying it themselves and others refused to try it all of which you would expect from this age group.

Another favourite of our babies was the song box where they sat with their keypeople on the floor and chose puppets that represent songs they are familiar with and could join in using sound and gesture listening to and enjoying the rhythmic patterns in the rhymes and songs.

Our babies have also been experimenting and learning to mark make with crayons. They enjoyed making their mark on big pieces of paper making connections between their movement and the marks they make and when occasionally they went off the paper onto the laminate they enjoyed cleaning it off too.

The soft play remained out as it continues to be a popular feature with our babies and we have replaced the big cardboard box with a large soft cushion that they have enjoyed launching themselves on from the soft play providing them with a range of large play equipment that can be used in different ways encouraging them to climb confidently and safely. They also have to wait their turn for this with adult support in order to prevent any collisions!

We have had lots of sensory objects out for them to explore , pull, squeeze and hold encouraging them to grasp and feel different textures and lots of bubbles which they all adore and watch in complete amazement as they float up into the air and then just disappear this was accompanied by their song box and one of our all time favourite songs Tiny Tim where they attempt to clap on the word pop.

We have been learning to build and stack with soft bricks which are great fun to knock down again and in the garden we turned our tuff tray into a car wash which the babies loved and made lots of new sounds to represent the cars and the whooshing water as it went over them.


Jungle Room – Toddlers

Jungle room repeated the same sensory tray activity with their toddlers and got completely different results. All of the children were keen to have a go and join and to share the experience. When standing in the trays they were really exploring the texture with their feet, especially the jelly which they said they were paddling in and when they no longer wanted to explore with their feet they sat down next to the trays and explored with their hands and extended the play by putting toy objects in them and continuing to play, so it was all agreed this was a success that will be repeated only maybe next time in the garden!

They also continued with their under the sea theme and made fish from their own painted finger prints which led to lots of hand printing and experimenting and exploring the paint with other tools such as brushes and stampers.

They have also been learning to explore their physical ability in the garden using rubber tyres and planks , crates and haystacks to build various creations for them to experiment with different ways of moving, balancing and climbing.

The theme has been under the sea and we have been making fantastic sea scapes with sand textured paint to represent this and made some great salt dough models of sea creatures of the children’s choice and they will be painting them shortly with bright colours of their choice and then you will be able to take them home to be pride of place on your ornament shelf.

You will probably also be receiving our recycled cardboard roll fishes that have been cut out by the children themselves to encourage them to use tools safely and I think you will be impressed, I know I was.

Castle Room – Pre-School


Hay, hay and more hay! One of the parents just commented that it looks like a farm in there which means we achieved what we set out to do. Thanks to one of the grandads we have had delivered two real bales of hay and are still hoovering up now to prove it. However it has all been worth it as the children have had a fantastic time pretending to milk the cow with gloves for udders and tasting different milks and cheeses. To all our surprise goats milk came out the clear winner and they made their own graph to prove it which you can see on the wall.

We also made some lovely gloopy mud for the animals to slosh around in and made some realistic animals out of play doh.

We also had some really important visitors this week but my lips are sealed until further notice.

They have continued with the animal theme this week in Castle and have moved on to jungle animals.

The children have enjoyed walking around with animal masks on and imitating the sounds they make and asking me to guess who is underneath the mask.

They have been learning to understand the world better with the map on the wall and talking about the animals where they come from and what they eat and then sticking a picture of the animal on the part of the map where it lives. The children were able to tell me what they had learned later on that day in the garden and show me the animals they had talked about by pairing up pieces of lego with the picture on.

Last but not least I would like to say a big thank you to the parent  that arranged for the reptiles to be brought in. The children were enthralled by them and were able to tell me everything about them especially the water dragon that eats crickets apparently!

To the Moon and Back

Baby Room

Babies explored moon sand this week which is made of baby oil and cornflour and you can find the recipe and many other ideas for babies learning on pintrest. They had great fun exploring the texture and extended their own play by adding the animals which made great prints in the sand …

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Reminder to Come to our Summer Fete tomorrow

Reminder! – Invitation to Summer Fete July 29, 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please keep this date available as we would love to see you all there!

What will happen during the day?

School leavers come at 10:00 – 12:00 for Graduation Assembly

(we will be singing songs, will receive certificates and …

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