New Year’s Wishes!


Happy New Year to everyone . We have been fairly quiet this week as it is still half term but that doesn’t mean we havnt still been doing lots of fun activities.

In fact a member of staff from baby room came upstairs looking like a snowman yesterday where she had been exploring shaving foam with the babies and they started clapping with it! Well Im sure you get the picture!

Babies have also been painting with stampers on large paper which as well as painting on they have had lots of fun scrunching up in their hands and feeling the texture when the paper was wet.

They have been rolling balls backwards and forwards to each other although the only ball they were interested in using for this was the he exercise ball which is nearly as big as them. One child tried to kick it and ended up falling on top of it as he didn’t realise how big it was!

Jungle have been learning about hot and cold and doing lots of fun experiments to tell the difference and have been talking about the danger aspect of touching things that are too hot.

They have made silly soup, singing the song and to their extreme amusement picking objects out of the bowl and talking about them.

They have also enjoyed a lot of messy play, with shaving foam, but also with mud this week due to the amount of rain we have had in the garden the children have been able to play in the mud kitchen inbetween torrential downpours!

Castle room is under transformation at the moment, if you go in there you will find an interactive board for the children to use with Velcro backed people and clothes and a map of the world is going up shortly with people that live there.

There is also an exploration area for the children to explore their environment with magnifying glasses and binoculars etc. and today when I was in there they were making table top pictures with cars in paint which they absolutely loved.

Look forward to seeing you all back next week


Christmas is almost here!

Hi everyone,


Apologies for the delay in the blogs this month it’s a crazy time of year but Im sure I don’t have to tell all of you that!

Well this is it the final countdown and your children have been busy making you surprise gifts which means I am not allowed to give too much away.


For some of the babies its their first Christmas which is really exciting and they are keen to explore every part of it.

We have been playing  Christmas music for them to dance to and one of their favourites seems to be rockin around the Christmas tree which they like to jiggle around to while covering themselves in tinsel.

There has been lots of glitter painting , and painting with tinsel,but I cant say what for as  it’s a surprise , in fact every parent has a bagful of surprises made by their children and they really are beautiful keepsakes.

The shredded paper has proved popular in the tuft tray and they enjoy gathering it up and throwing it around and sitting and exploring in it and throwing it over each other and watching it flutter down. They have enjoyed making decorations with paper plates and getting messy in glittery foam, making marks and enjoying the sensory experience. They have also been trucking the toy cars through it to make tracks and and exploring the texture of playdough enjoying the feel of it sticking to their fingers.

We have had emotion cushions in their this week and the babies have enjoyed sitting on them and transporting them around but havn’t really noticed the faces on them although the staff have been pointing out the different faces on them, smiley, sad etc. the children preferred to sit on them .

There has been lots of dressing up we have had baby elves , baby santas and baby snowmen especially last week when we celebrated Christmas jumper day and we thank you all for taking part.


We have been celebrating  Christmas in jungle room by making lots of presents for our parents, again I am sworn to secrecy but there has been lots of threading and decorating with glitter , each other as well as the presents! which I’m sure you will all love your children have put a lot of effort into them.

Also for a small donation we have individual photos of your children and they have each decorated their own photo frames  these can be seen on the display table outside jungle room.

Thank you to all those that attended the Christmas sing a long in Jungle room last week , I’m sure we are all agreed that they did really well and it was lovely that you all joined in on the last song. Thank you.


We have been taking part in lots of turn taking and sharing games this week as well as making presents for our parents.

Outside castle room on our Christmas display board you can see all of the activities your children have been participating in. Thank you for all those who took part in the nativity play, the children looked amazing and we discovered a few stars! One parent said that it was so beautiful she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

We have been signing and singing Christmas songs and they love the song 5 currant buns at the moment which we changed to mince pies for the occasion and they are all enjoying  joining in.

All of you should have a Christmas bag of goodies that your children have made especially for you to keep so enjoy opening them, they also should have their individual letters from Santa. Any pictures you would like to send us of your children over the festive season will be gratefully received..

Lastly I would like to thank Tescos Gillingham for donating  food for our Christmas  Jumper party thanks to one of our parents. 

Christmas Countdown!

Christmas Countdown!

A Lovely Present!

 So this is it already! The countdown to Christmas. Starting as always with Children in Need day. I’m sure it didn’t escape anyone’s notice that everyone has been in pyjamas all week and despite what some people thought it wasn’t because we comfy and warm in them, although that was a bonus! It was because children come on different days and some would have missed out if we hadn’t done it all week. Well that’s our excuse and we are sticking to it! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that took part, made cakes and bought cakes all for a very good cause and I will let you know how much we raised in our next blog.








So what have we been up to this week. The babies have been learning to experiment with  various sounds and textures as they play while exploring with the cars in the sand. They enjoyed the feel of the sand and the crunch as the wheels went through it leaving interesting tyre tracks which one of the other children were quick to notice and repeated the pattern themselves.

They made a life size drawing of themselves and a keyperson drew in the face and asked them where the eyes etc were and they found it harder to show on the drawing than they did  on themselves so next time the staff are going to use the dolls to help to reinforce this activity.

The children are learning about books and are starting to point at familiar objects in them and make the noise of the object for example when one of the babies saw a fish they pointed to it and made a fish noise.

They also made a beautiful poppy collage with sponges and apple prints which have been on display outside baby room. The children were encouraged to pick up their objects between their thumb and forefinger and make marks to create their masterpieces, they really enjoyed doing this and went back to this activity several times.


Jungle room continued with the poppy theme and children in need and made a lovely red coloured gloop for the children to get stuck in to or should I say stuck to!  They had enormous fun stirring in the powder paint to change the colour and watch it drip from their fingers .

We also had some boxes that were donated and the children made them into baby cots , houses and the favourite was a boat which they were happy to sit in during story time and while listening to stick man which has been a huge success and is helping them to learn about emotions and some parents have bought the book for children to enjoy at home and some children came in wearing stick man pyjamas for children in need which looked amazing.  They are continuing to make a stick man display on the wall which looks brilliant and well worth a look.

They have started practising their Christmas songs for the nativity and will be bringing words home to practice at home with you so don’t be surprised if they start to sing songs all around the house at all hours !


 Another brilliant activity for children is floor drawing. They love to lay on the floor and roll around exploring their own space so we put a large roll of paper on the floor and crayons in their hand and they were happy to explore their gross motor skills by making giant marks on the paper.


The role play area has been turned into a post office this week for the children to be able to give meaning to their mark making and extend their knowledge of the world by sending letters and cards to each other and post them in the post box. I’m sure you know yourself how excited they are to receive their own letters especially from their friends. They will also be able to write their letter to the Father Christmas himself with support from the staff and we are hoping to get a reply and even a visit!

They made patterns with drawings of fairy lights and found the missing numbers on them and have made a Christmas bag to put all their Christmas bits and pieces in and decorated it. One of the first things to go in it will be their Christmas stockings made with a colour of their choosing and they will be encouraged to write their own name on it.

In true Christmas style the room is starting to sparkle and the messy play is no exception with  beautiful sparkles lighting up the shaving foam and the nursery is alive with the children singing as they practice their nativity which we all very excited about as I’m sure you are too.

Thank you again for all your help with children in need and we are all looking forward to Christmas jumper day on 15th December. More information on that coming soon.

Autumn and Bonfires!


We have been celebrating bonfire night and fireworks this week and for our baby room that involved some wonderful sensory experiences with brightly coloured paints and coloured lights.

They also continued with their autumn theme and hid pictures under leaves in trays for the babies to scrunch through and find and different sized pumpkins …

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Dancing Babies


The babies have enjoyed lots of music and dancing this week. In fact so have I! We all had amazing fun dancing round the room with ribbons and scarves and at sleep time imagine our surprise when one of our babies started to do the actions and sounds to the Agadoo song , …

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