Special Needs Nursery Care at Happy Bunnies Gillingham

Special Needs care at Happy Bunnies

At Happy Bunnies, all children receive a broad curriculum. Each child is encouraged to progress at their own pace. Special needs nursery care requires extra consideration. In case this affects you, I want to outline in this special report how we at Happy Bunnies support you and your child. We’ve had the chance to help […]

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OFSTED Report Says Happy Bunnies Nursery is GOOD

All four of our Pipkins Nurseries and Happy Bunnies Nursery locations have been inspected by Ofsted again this year. As with previous inspections, in every case our care was rated GOOD. Read Our Ofsted Report This rating is thanks to the care and dedication of our staff, our structured routines and, of course, to the […]

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