Safe & Secure

At Happy Bunnies, we work hard to ensure the security and welfare of all children, parents, visitors and staff on the premises. This page outlines exactly how we make sure all the little ones are protected.

Safe & Secure

Securing All Children In Our Care

We ensure all parents and guardians nominate people who can pick up the children. Only recognised people are allowed into the building.

In exceptional circumstances, parents and guardians can nominate another person to pick-up but this must be agreed in advance over the phone. In this call, we confirm the identity of the person speaking and set a once-off password (only valid one time) which must be used on collection.

Key staff supervise, record and control entry to the nursery by all visitors. The door is always locked.

We have secure fencing and a wide border around the perimeter of our secure gardens.

At Happy Bunnies Gillingham, to protect our staff and childen in our care, a CCTV system records every nursery room and hallway. We monitor and record images on an on-site digital receiver. This is a closed system - security and images are only accessible by the manager. It is absolutely not possible to directly access any of the images offsite or via the internet.

You can see our full CCTV policy here.

All staff and approved contractors must have a current, enhanced CRB check. We make sure all contractors are supervised while on the premises.

Mobile phones and personal cameras are not allowed in the nursery rooms. We collect all mobiles and lock them away in our office.

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Fist Aid

Almost every Happy Bunnies employee holds a Paediatric First Aid qualification. All staff, after their trial period, are encouraged to gain this qualification. We never operate without a qualified first-aider on site - there are usually several.

We administer medication according to strict guidelines only. We have a medication form per child and a clear, well-defined medication policy. All medication is stored safely away from children.

Audits & Controls

Our trained experts audit all our nurseries, equipment and toys and make regular health and safety inspections.

As part of our risk assessments procedures, we monitor and check standards every day. We review General risk assessments annually - more frequently when required. As soon as we get any new equipment, for example, it's added into the risk assessment.

Independent experts check all our electrical equipment and services, water systems, fire extinguishers and equipment at least once a year. We review Fire Risk Assessments yearly and carry out fire drills regularly (at least twice a term).