Happy Bunnies Gillingham Grand Opening

Bringing joy, care and education to Kent children since 2008.

We've been running schools in Kent for many years.

In 2008 our director, Magdalena, took over the management of a small group of nurseries in Sevenoaks that have been running over 20 years.

The experience laid the foundation for our custom-built center in Gillingham.

Top Childcare

In 2011, Magdalena opened a brand new nursery for little Happy Bunnnies in Gillingham, bringing children in Medway the same caring and laugh-out-loud fun so many children enjoyed at our other three schools.

Happy Bunnies is a small, family-run nursery. We take great pride in all our nurseries, giving attention and bringing joy to all the children in our care.

Fun Steps in Learning

Children at Happy Bunnies learn through enjoying themselves and having fun.

We like to learn from real life experience - Magdalena always says, "It is better to do once than to be told five times".

Our setting in Gillingham is exciting. This is important, to get each child into the spirit of a fantastic experience. Children who enjoy their environment engage better with the activities on offer.

At Happy Bunnies, your child will make new friends and learn social skills, through role play and make-believe. Fun makes learning natural.

We follow the government curriculum set out by the Early Years Foundation State document. The key person system we employ ensures that no child is left behind at this crucial early stage.

On a sunny day we can go outside under the trees to do our work.

From past experience, we know that children who attend our nurseries excel at school later on.

Happy Bunnies children learn to be social, confident and believe in themselves through earning praise and being valued every single day!

We plan session activities in advance, and then tune them to each child's needs.


"Mia has been at this nursery since she was 8 months old, she will be 3 in July and I can honestly say I have no regrets about putting her into Happy Bunnies. She absolutely loves it here and all the staff! She loves to learn and sing all the nursery rhymes she has learnt over time. A special thank you to (Jackie Numps) as Mia likes to call her for teaching Mia about the fossils and museums....the children need more of this type of learning"
Mr and Mrs Euden

Days are structured so that consistency offers children the sense of security they need.

Our working system establishes this, but it's fun and we always manage to be flexible. We adapt the system to each child's individual needs.

Detailed operational manuals support Happy Bunnies staff every step of the way. That ensures the continuity of your child's experience at Happy Bunnies.

Good behaviour boundaries are set in place so that children develop levels of respect.

Every classroom has a fully qualified Teacher, to ensure the time your child spends with us is filled with discovery, stimulation and enjoyment. Your child will develop confidence, social skills and independence within a supportive, friendly and welcoming environment.

Daily activities focus on several key areas.

Games and exercises designded to strengthen children's muscles, to create stronger, healthier bodies and work on physical large motor skills. These activities include jumping, hopping, throwing, balancing and running. Kids love it.

By learning and problem solving, Happy Bunnies helps develop mental large motor skills. Our children are in this way prepared when it's time for them to progress to primary school environments.

We promote each child's sense of well-being. Being separated from their primary care giver for an extended time takes adjustment. Children in our care know there is still someone there who cares for them. By praising them for accomplishments and encouraging them to feel comfortable making choices and forming opinions, we promote emotional large motor skills.

Pre-school age children gain skills from activites that develop their fine motor skills. We have specific activities to help their hands and fingers develop. They learn to use pencils and crayons and play games, for example using cards.

"My son is 20 months old and started at Happy Bunnies almost two weeks ago in the Jungle Room. He went straight into doing 10 hour days 4 days a week and I was nervous about the settling in period but I shouldn't have been! He gets tearful when I leave him but that already seems to have stopped, and when collecting him today he threw a wobbler because he didn't want to leave! The setting is amazing, really nicely laid out and decorated and they make good daily use of the garden which my son loves.
Jo Taylor Davis

Developing a vivid imagination through problem solving and role play, helps Happy Bunnies kids develop their confidence. By pretending, they prepare themselves for situations that occur in real life. By telling stories, they learn to speak well and develop vocabulary.

Reading every day helps build imagination. It helps their memory. Learning numbers teaches important counting skills, and paves the way for more complex mathethematical concepts.

Finally, all our kids enjoy outdoor play in our large garden. There are many important physical benefits because they learn to use their bodies in many different ways that would not be possible in the classroom. They learn to be more social, playing games with other children in the playground. They learn the difference between indoor and outdoor voices, so that they can be quieter inside and make noise outside. They learn the appropriate setting for such activities.

And, if ever the Great British weather doesn't allow, we have that covered too with our indoor sand pit. The kids love it.