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Originally called Pipkins nursery, Happy Bunnies has been serving children in Gillingham for over 10 years. No other Gillingham nursery looks like it or gives the homely experience we offer.

Watch the video below to see how parents and their children feel about our nursery – in their own words.

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The Number 1 Gillingham Nursery School

See What Parents Are Saying About Happy Bunnies Nursery...

Kayleigh Stange
Kayleigh Stange
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Changing my sons nursery was stressful but as soon as I met Lesley and the girls and saw how lovely the nursery is, I knew it was the place for my son. It is more of an intimate feel for the children where you know the staff get to know each child for who they are and are cared for like they are one of theirs. My son has been attending since last summer and has excelled in so many ways that make me proud and that is thanks to Happy Bunnies!
Juliet Jolley
Juliet Jolley
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My son has been attending Happy Bunnies for the last 2.5 years and he has had a brilliant time. When he started he was in the Baby room and was only just sitting and crawling. The staff supported him with learning to stand and walk, with his eating and in all aspect of his development. Communication is via an app which allows staff to map milestones and development against the early years framework which is great. We also get pictures so that we can see what our children are doing during the day which is lovely to receive when I’m at work. The staff take safety and safeguarding very seriously with even minor bumps and scrapes reported immediately via the app so parent are well informed.
Lyndsay Bennett
Lyndsay Bennett
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Mia has been at this nursery since she was 8 months old, she will be 3 in July and I can honestly say I have no regrets about putting her into happy bunnies. She absolutely loves it here and all the staff! She loves to learn and sing all the nursery rhymes she has learned over time. A special thank you to (Jackie Numps) as Mia likes to call her for teaching Mia about the fossils and museums....the children need more of this type of learning.

The Happy Bunnies Guarantee

We’re certain you and your child will be 100% happy at Happy Bunnies.

If, for any reason, you are not completely delighted, simply let us know within your first two weeks.

We’ll refund your first month in full, including all registration fees.

Recognition And Awards

NDNA Award


Ofsted Good Provider

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Food Hygiene Award

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Nursery World

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We are thrilled to share that our Nursery has been recognized by NDNA, Ofsted Good Provider, 5 star from Food Hygiene, and Nursery World for our commitment to providing the highest standards of care and education for our children. These awards are a reflection of the dedication and hard work of our exceptional teachers and director.

At our nursery, we believe in the benefits of early childhood education and strive to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for our little ones. These awards validate our commitment to providing the best possible care for our children and their families.

We are proud of these achievements, but we also recognize that there is always room for improvement. We will continue to work hard to maintain this reputation and aim to exceed expectations in every aspect of our Nursery.

Happy Bunnies Childcare in Gillingham Business Park

Happy Bunnies Nursery is a purpose-built childcare centre and preschool in Gillingham that offers parental support and exceptional childcare service. It is a safe and fun place for children!  Originally known as Pipkins Nurseries, we were part of a group that has provided excellent child care to children and parents since 1993.

And yet, it’s a lot more affordable than you might expect.

Children learn in a happy way, from real-life experiences. To achieve that, we look at all the children in our care as our own. We want to make sure that everyone will feel excited being inside our school.

We believe that children who enjoy the things they are doing will engage better and learn in the best way.

The Happy Bunnies Process

The Happy Bunnies Process

The Happy Bunnies Process revolves around your child’s care and education, tuned to their age group.

We have specific programs and lesson plans for:

      • Babies
      • Older Infants
      • Toddlers
      • Two-Year-Olds
      • Preschool – Three-Year-Olds
      • Preschool – Four-Year-Olds

…leading to your child’s successful graduation up to “big school”.

Experience shows that children who start at Happy Bunnies excel at school in later life!

Getting started just takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Get In Touch
    Call us, or use one of the Book a Visit buttons on this page to take the first step.
  2. Take a Tour
    Visit Happy Bunnies in person to see our facilities first-hand and make sure they are right for you and your child. Our manager, Lesley, will be there to show you around and answer any questions you may have in person.
    You will be able to book a trial session where your child can experience the school for themselves.
  3. Enroll
    On your visit, Lesley will confirm the availability for your child’s age group.
    If we have a space, you can fill out the enrollment forms to secure it for your child. Otherwise, we ask that you join our waitlist to ensure you receive a space as soon as one becomes available.

Give your child the best experience!

Get the star treatment. 

Nursery Manager Lesley Dartnell would love to show you Happy Bunnies Gillingham child care facilities in person.

Beyond daycare, here you find high-quality child care programmes that help your child learn and develop.

Nursery with WOW!

As a trusted nursery school, we always aim to create a happy and loving home for all the children in our care.

To give more valuable and fun services to families who trust us, we are always doing different exciting and educational events and activities. These activities will help us provide a fun-loving environment for our students.

See more of our WOW activities!


Pancake Day

Pancake Day The jungle room children really enjoyed pancake day. We had a tuff spot set up for the children to pretend to make their

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Fireworks FI

Fireworks Theme

Fireworks Theme The babies had lots of fun making and creating fireworks using various materials using flour and glitter also painting with toilet roll holders

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Autumn Activities

Exploring Autumn Colours

Exploring Autumn Colours In babies, we have been continuing on with autumn whilst exploring the colour red. The babies enjoy exploring red vegetables and fruit

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Happy Bunnies Nursery In Gillingham, Medway

Happy Bunnies Nursery in Gillingham offers excellent childcare services that make parents and children delighted and appreciative of our services.
Our calendars are almost always full. However, you can still join us by getting your starter session for FREE.

Register now at no cost and have your child experience our fun and effective ways of learning.

Unique, Fun and Welcoming Rooms

Inside our secured premises, you’ll see all the unique and beautiful features of it. The nursery has themed rooms – Kingdom of Castle, Sea-themed, and Jungle-themed that will surely excite children.
Happy Bunnies also has a large children-friendly garden where children may plant their flowers and vegetables. The fun will never stop even the Great British weather won’t let us out as we have an indoor sandpit.

We have an excellent location right on Gillingham Business Park, right at the heart of Medway, Kent.

Click here for more info on our location in Gillingham.

See Actual Rates for Happy Bunnies Nursery, Gillingham

Unlike many other nurseries, we don’t hide our pricing.

Click here for actual rates at Happy Bunnies Nursery, Gillingham

Join Now and Get the First Session FREE

Hurry! Places at Happy Bunnies Nursery Gillingham, Medway are getting fully booked fast! Join us now and let your child experience the best, safe and fun learning that only a family-operated school can provide.

Get your starter session at no cost and convenient for you. Book a date that will be best for you and your child.
Click the button below to book a meeting with our exceptional Director, Lesley Dartnell.

Common Parent Questions

How much does nursery care cost in Medway or Kent?

Many day child care providers in Medway and Kent shy away from answering this question.

At Happy Bunnies Nursery, you’ll always find our actual rates and pricing here.

How many hours can a child attend daycare in Kent?

We provide full-time care for kids from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm. You can choose from 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

If you want full-time care, we have you covered, but you can book just half-days too.

See all the options on Gillingham nursery care with actual rates here.

What's your COVID policy?

Many people are going through a tough time with Covid, and as a vital service provider, we have chosen to remain open to the community.

We put in place specific safeguards to ensure that we can continue to operate safely:

  • The building is only accessible to those who have a legitimate reason to be there.
  • A mask is required to be worn by all adults entering Happy Bunnies Nursery.
  • On entry, both adults and children’s temperatures are taken using a distance measuring unit.
  • When entering the building, all visitors must use the hand sanitiser given.
  • After each use, the surfaces are sanitised.
  • Every two hours or while transitioning, the children wash their face.
  • After each use, the bathroom is sanitised.
  • When children move from one area to another or finish using something, we sanitise the surfaces.

What's a good Teacher/Child ratio for a nursery?

It depends on age, but Happy Bunnies Nursery complies with the UK EYFS standards in all cases.  We often go above and beyond.

Unlike other schools such as big chains, we never cut corners here. There are always enough teachers there for the kids in our care.

Age GroupOur Ratio
0 - 24 mths3:1
25 - 36 mths4:1
36 mths +8:1

What's the cancellation policy at your Gillingham school?

Circumstances change. You may need to relocate, or there can be other life changes. When it’s time for you to leave, we require 30 days notice in writing so we can reorganize personnel or offer your position to someone else.

If you’re unsure whether we’ll be a good match for you, we offer a long settling-in period – as long as you need it. We typically only enforce the cancellation period after one month (longer if agreed upfront).

What's the best nursery in Gillingham, Medway?

It’s a bit of a cheeky question, but parents do ask it all the time.

Of course, we’re completely biased because we love our Gillingham nursery. Still, it does depend.

There are many options out there, and some cater specifically for unique cases such as language immersion or low-income families.

The best thing for you to do is come in and speak with Lesley Dartnell, the Nursery Manager. She has a lot of experience, and finding the best school for you will always be her top priority.

Book a meeting on Lesley’s calendar here.

Welcome To Happy Bunnies Nursery

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