Babies will be concentrating on their communication and language skills. They will be building towers from building blogs and we are looking foward to observing their concentration levels. Babies will be playing with rainbow spagetti – will they like the texture and the feel of them? We will be repeating simple sentences with them such as “Where is your nose?” Babies should also be occupied with new treasue baskets – we are hoping to create several of them for the babies to explore. We will be also using photos of familiar people and try and speak about them. We are curiouse to see if babies will recognise special people on their photos.

Jungle room toddlers will also be communicating this week. We will be making sure that our toddlers will be learning new words through using colour circles, we will be using pictures and toys of animals children love, see if they can recognise them and tell us about the noises they make too. We will be using picture cards and play games where children will have to recognise different types of food and maybe even pair them with related and similar foods. We will be also learning to communicate among children, will they listen? Do they take turns?
Pre-school children will take language and litteracy to a new level. Children should hear many stories and will have an opportunity to tell us how the story ends or even re-tell the story using their own words.
Mark making will be available every day and those children that are going to shool can have a go at writting their names.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK