17th September – Week Ahead!

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Pre-school – Sensory week this week is continuation from last week. As our activities were so successful, we will encourage children to play with the shaving foam and find their names in it (name recognition). Children will explore different textures using their feet. They will be discovering the feel of the bubble wrap, tin foil, they can try to step on grapes. Children will be looking through different coloured materials to explore different colours. Shape of the week is a triangle and letter of the week is “d” and the colour is black.
Toddlers will be exploring water. Every single activity in the Jungle room will involve water. We will ask our toddlers to wash our bikes. Children will be playing with our water trays, we will be exploring colours sinking into our water tray and see how they mix. We will be melting ice cubes into the water, maybe do a bit of problem solving around ice and water as well. Bubble bath might be the favorite activity. We will go to the garden as well and we will explore all different possibilities of water and garden merging together….
Babies will be exploring the knowledge and understanding of the world. They will start the week playing with soft blogs, exploring everyday objects, role play in the home corner where babies will be able to do the cooking, washing up and pretend to put their babies to bed to sleep. And of course, songs and stories won’t be missing either. We encourage all parents to contribute so we can repeat the stories they tell their children at home. 🙂

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