7 Benefits of a Childcare Program

childcare program

A young child’s brain is a magical place. Synapses are constantly firing, forging new and exciting connections as they explore their world and begin to participate in the brilliant happenings around them. While there is plenty to see and do at home, your child’s brilliant mind can expand tenfold when you enroll them in a high-quality childcare program!

At Happy Bunnies in Gillingham, we understand that it can be hard to leave your child and go about your business. We promise you that any tears at drop-off time will be short-lived! Your child will spend their day in the nursery learning, exploring, and making discovery after discovery.

If you still aren’t convinced, we’ve collected seven incredible benefits of enrolling your child in a quality childcare program like Happy Bunnies. Read on to learn precisely why introducing your child to a wonderful educational setting can be life-changing for everyone involved!

1. You Don’t Have to Parent Alone

The staff at Happy Bunnies nursery don’t show up only to collect a paycheque. They are educated professionals with a deep understanding of child education and development. This level of knowledge leads to extreme patience with young children, as they understand the root and source of even the most challenging behaviors in the classroom.

Enrolling your child in a nursery program means you will benefit from the support of our knowledgeable staff. If you have questions or concerns about parenting, milestones, or home routines, your child’s teacher is here to help. You will become part of a community, and you will never want for support while you’re in the parenting trenches!

2. Playing Is Learning in a Childcare Program

In early childhood, we hope that children will learn more than letters, numbers, and shapes. In essence, children come to school to learn how to become learners and thinkers. By engaging in educational and social challenges in a safe environment, they will build the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

This begins with play! All of the learning at Happy Bunnies Nursery takes place through playful activities. Children learn to interact and compromise while building cognitive skills in a supervised environment!

3. Conflict Leads to Peace

Many parents come to us with questions about how to encourage their children to share. They can’t seem to teach their child how to interact peacefully with other children. Our advice is that the best way to learn to interact with others and handle conflict is to practice!

Our classrooms are safe, supervised settings where children have the opportunity to interact. Scuffles happen! This is a good thing, as it provides an opportunity for our staff to help support your child in using compromise and appropriate language to navigate challenging interactions. 

4. Embrace Diversity

Every child brings something a little bit different to the classroom. At Happy Bunnies Nursery, we embrace every individual child! Enrolling your child in a childcare program ensures that they will have exposure to all of the beautiful things that make other children unique. 

Exposure to difference is one of the most important factors when it comes to building empathy. Children who embrace diversity in the classroom are kinder and more accepting than their more sheltered peers!

5. Picky Eaters No More!

Just as a childcare program will expose your child to new and diverse people, it will also expose them to various foods! Many children come to the nursery as picky eaters and find the motivation to taste new things from their teachers and peers. A child who may be stubborn about tasting carrot at home might fall in love when they see their friends enjoying it!

Happy Bunnies offers a daily menu of fresh, low sodium food prepared that day. Children who try new things at Happy Bunnies develop more sophisticated palates and learn the components of a balanced diet. We help grow fearless learners and fearless eaters! 

6. Get Back to Work

Unlike traditional schools, childcare programs offer a great deal of flexibility for the working parent. Programs like Happy Bunnies provide a flexible schedule to accommodate parents in a variety of fields. We can provide you with affordable care that fits your specific needs, even if you’re a nurse, shift worker, or need to collect other children at traditional pick-up times. 

Our goal is always to support your child and make life easier for your family. We will do our best to provide your child with a needed sense of order and routine to make them feel safe and cared for. Our job is to help you meet your needs so that you can get back to work with peace of mind. 

7. Excited and Enthusiastic Children

Even if there are tears during the first drop-off, our childcare program at Happy Bunnies is the sort of place where children want to be! A quick tour of our school will reveal a colorful, child-centered environment that encourages imagination and play. Teachers fill the walls with work created by the children in classrooms that are just their size. 

Outdoors, our garden provides ample space for children to build gross motor skills and explore. We even built the loos with children’s independence in mind! Children love to come to Happy Bunnies because they understand immediately that it is a space designed and curated just for them!

Ultimately, what could be a better reason to enroll your child in a childcare program than their happiness? Our students have a good day every day! Shouldn’t that be the goal?  

Experience Magic at Happy Bunnies Nursery

Early childhood is a magical time, and the best early childhood program should provide opportunities for children to embrace that magic in all of its forms! That happens every single day at Happy Bunnies Nursery in Gillingham, where your child’s growth and happiness is our goal. 

Are you ready to see these benefits in action? We encourage you to book a visit and experience the magic of a quality childcare program for yourself. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family! 

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