Hi Everyone,

Next week our babies will be looking at books with single pictures to encourage them to use single words to name what they see. To expand on this, staff are planning a game with toys in boxes that the babies can point to, to see what is in them and to talk about what they find. To encourage sensory exploration we will have spaghetti for the babies to touch and feel (and taste if they want). To help with dexterity, they will be washing cars with brushes.

In our toddler room they are going to be reading Little Acorn and going on a leaf hunt. As part of their learning, the children will talk about what clothes they might wear in the cold weather. Once the children have had the time and opportunity to collect leaves at nursery and at home, they will be using them for craft activities over the coming weeks. As part of literacy and physical development, the children will be taking part in action rhymes. They will also be practising familiar sign language signs.

In our preschool, children will be reading and watching the video room on a broom as we lead up to Halloween. They will be making wands and making pictures rolling conkers. To help strengthen finger and hand muscles and improve hand-eye coordination, the children will be able to explore our tuff tray invitation with pom poms, tweezers and lids. Sensory exploration for the Preschoolers will be moon sand which has wonderful kinetic properties.

Thank you for listening and see you next week.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK