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Happy Bunnies Nursery is not just a “nursery” or “child care school”, we offer it to everybody as a home from home.

About Us - Happy Bunnies Nursery


We are very humble and proud to share all the accomplishments we have since we open it in 1998. But we are more proud of the amazing kids we have welcomed, guided and nurtured. They amaze us with their great knowledge, skills, talents and achievements. We are very proud that we have contributed to their success.

Their success is our success.

Here in Happy Bunnies Nursery, we believe that every child has its unique ability that needs to be develop and enhance naturally. Every child here is OUR CHILD.

About us - Nursery School
Two Children is playing - About Us Happy Bunnies Nursery School

Exceptional Childcare

In 2011, Magdalena opened Happy Bunnies Nursery in Gillingham and started to make changes in children’s and their families’ lives.
Happy Bunnies Nursery encourages every child to learn and develop their skills through enjoying and having fun. It is our utmost priority to make sure that children are enjoying everything they are doing; that’s why we are preparing educational but fun activities only.
Inside our premises, you will see our fun, creative and exciting setting.

We like to learn from real-life experience – Magdalena always says, “It is better to do once than to be told five times”

In order to teach a real-life experience, the first step is to treat everyone as a family of our own. We are offering our nursery as a home, and we are welcoming everybody as a family.

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