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This week the babies will be developing their social skills (PSED). Looking at building relationships with special people, we will be doing this by having group activities like reading a book together and playing with a ball. The babies will be playing naming games finding eyes, nose ears etc… Babies will also be playing with role play and building towers with an adult.
We have made great progress with our buddy system in baby room  which will have a positive impact on babies well being.
In jungle room we will also be having a social development week. Our main focus this week is the toddlers as individuals, talking about and understanding their feelings, using mirrors to see their reflections and how the children look in the mirror. With the toddlers we will be working on what is theirs and what is someone else’s.
The different activities are different sand pots, puppet shows during story time, what’s in the garden and looking at bugs as well.
In Preschool we have changed our planning, child lead planning according to the different areas of our room. Looking at the different areas of the room and where the children interests are, this week home corner is our popular area, we will be looking at how we can bring different aspects of the learning into this area so we are bringing in recipe book to show how we cook foods and different foods to get the children interpretations of the food.

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