Activities for Friday, 10 March 2017

Castle room (Pre-School)

We did some Artic exploring today. We had some small toy animals frozen in the ice. Children were noticing changes to the ice, first that it was hard, cold, frozen. They described the animals inside as sleeping which I though was very clever of them, understanding that they can't be awake if they can't breath. When the ice was in the room for a while, children noticed that the ice started to melt, they said the ice was “soaking”.

In the math corner, children were drawing shapes and counting them. They had a target total number set as 5 – they were drawing different shapes to make up a number 5.

Pre-school children spoke a lot today about good and bad behavior. In the same spirit, our practitioner put on a puppet show of two children playing nicely and later on not being willing to share. At the end of the show, children discussed what makes us happy and what play makes us sad.

We also had lots of fun trying to get from one side of the room to another using different ways of moving. Needless to check that this activity was one of the most popular ones, they crawled, walked, skipped, heel to toe-ed , sidestepped.

Jungle Room (Toddlers)

Toddlers were playing with scented water today, we put some lemons and oranges inside the water so the sensory experience took place.

They were also looking for “small” and “big” animals hidden inside shredded paper. Children developed this activity by using their core muscles and went beyond the call of duty and sprinkled it in EVERY corner of the room.

We spent a good time outside today, children played with balls, had a good run around too.

Toddlers were also playing with popoids today creating large and small figures. They had a blast as they were stretching their arms and legs to make them short and long.

Their imagination and creativity went wild with frozen paint cubes, kids loved making their own creations using these makeshift “paint” lolly pops.

Baby Room

Babies were dancing to music again. We enjoyed watching them move their whole body to sounds they like. Some of them danced even after the activity was over. We also sang some songs – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was a popular one.

Babies were also painting with sponges and large brushes and fingers. They really enjoyed making marks – mixing paint and watch what happened to their picture.

We did a lot of story reading today in smaller groups. Babies were looking at some soft books, some even had a little nibble here and there.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK