We have been celebrating bonfire night and fireworks this week and for our baby room that involved some wonderful sensory experiences with brightly coloured paints and coloured lights.

They also continued with their autumn theme and hid pictures under leaves in trays for the babies to scrunch through and find and different sized pumpkins for them to explore introducing new words to describe the objects and one of the babies decided to go one better and plonked themselves in the middle of the tray and scrunched the leaves up in their hands making full use of exploring this sensory experience. This also promotes relationships with their peers and one child showed when comforting a child that wasn't so keen on the experience by saying ‘ its ok I'm here' which brought a lump to all our throats!

So going back to the coloured lights the staff made a dark tent and shone different coloured lights onto the ceiling and walls which fascinated the babies and they were reaching out to touch the lights and some of them soon learned to find the button that turned them on and off on the baby nightlight.


The children experimented with different coloured blobs of paint and used straws to blow the paint around the paper making a whooshing sound like fireworks. They then folded to the paper to make an explosion of colour.

They showed an interest in shape and space by making arrangements with objects and beginning to use the mathematical names for the shapes as they formed a picture .

Blobs of paint was added to gloop for messy play and the children had great fun swirling it around and mixing it up to create multi coloured patterns that looked like fireworks.

The children made their own giant collage on the wall with black paper and chalk and they were able to add what they wanted to it to create their own wall and they talked about fireworks and the safety of fireworks . They then hung coloured ribbons all around it to complete the wall in the role play area.

They made their own firework display out of pipe cleaners showing their imagination and creativity and sharing tools showing good relationships with their peers.

The children also made shaving foam pictures with blobs of paint in to help them explore art and design using different materials .

Lastly they made some poppy pictures out of handprints and sponge painting using red, black and green paint to experiment with and mix the colours.


Jungle room have been concentrating on the beautiful story of stick man this week. The children were asked to bring in twigs to make their own stick man and were told the story using props, which they loved.

They made their own stickman puppets using sticks and decorated them to take home so that they have their very own stick man.

The children did a puppet show with support of the staff using lolly sticks and pictures of the animals that helped the stick man find his way home which they loved joining in with , they also measured their sticks and put them in order of size with help.

The children absolutely love this book and it is a lovely heartwarming story to read to your children .

The children were able to make their own music to go with the story and some freestyle dancing was going on, they even made house for their stickmen and one child made him a bed out of a box.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK