We welcome lots of new babies into the setting and we are loving having them here. With all the new ones means that soon the older ones will be moving up into the unit. This is a big transition for your children and we have been working with the children to help them along with this move.

Some of the things that we do is bring some of the older toy into the room so they become familiar with the new toy.

Bring some of the staff from the older room into the baby room so they can meet them in the comfort of their own environment.

Mix with the older children in the garden and sandpit.

Take the children up into the unit with a familiar member of staff.

finally when they are ready they move up.

We do try our best to avoid any upset when they move, some children are ready to move long before they are 2 and others are still wanting more support.

The unit can be very busy for a new child but all the staff down in the unit are just as caring and attentive to the children as the baby room staff are.

As a parent I am aware how hard it is when they move, even if they are ready you're thinking they aren't my baby anymore, be assured they will always be your baby just a little taller. If you need any support with the transition process as its just as much about you as it is about us then speak to us promise we have the best interest of the children in mind and always have time for you.


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