Babies having fun

Hi everyone its been a while since we chatted on here about the babies and we have missed them. So what have they been up to recently?

Babies have been having a few changes in the room due to staff leaving etc. Hannah Milledge has now gone off to have her little boy now and we will miss her. We wish her all the best and we can't wait to have cuddle with him when he is here.

We have also been getting really messy with messy play, sandy with sand play and creative with creative play.

We are going on our toddle next week and we don't want to leave the babies out, the mini bus is coming up to try out car seats during the week, he's not feeling hopeful at the moment as he thinks they wont be able to get the big seats in, only booster seats so we will have to have some fun with the babies of our own. We are going to have a little toddle of our own, there is a little space that we have can use.

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