Hi everyone, we have had an influx of babies in the setting this year, Hannah Milledge went on maternity leave in April 2015 and welcomed a little boy into the world in July called George on the 14/7/15.

Samantha went on maternity leave at the end of the year last year and welcomed baby Bell into the world last week.

Today we say good bye to Paulina, she is going on maternity leave today and we wish her the best of luck with the rest of her pregnancy and the birth of her baby. We do hope that we get to see baby soon and they don’t keep Mummy and Daddy waiting.

We have been blessed as a nursery to have such a wonderful group of girls and they have all supported each other through different events and more recently the pregnancies. We are so happy to be adding to the Happy Bunnies Family with the new babies.

Hannah Doherty will be going on maternity next on the 6th November and Gemma on the 20th November so I hope you are all with us in wishing them all the best as well.


This is not a picture of a baby that has been born into the Happy Bunnies family just a doll but isn’t it cuteWinking smile

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