Back in the Swing of things

Good morning, so are we all back in the swing of things? School run, Nursery run back to work??? Every day is getting a little easier since having the wonderful break at Christmas. Which seems like forever ago. We have lots of news to tell.

Talking to the children is sounds live they are still buzzing from all the new toys and lovely things that they have received. I cannot even being to remember how many have told me they got frozen toys for Christmas.

So what are we doing at Happy Bunnies at the moment, well in Baby room they have got quite a few children who are either moving up or due to in the next few weeks. So the babies have been brining in toy and resources from Jungle room to start making things familiar for them. Over the next few weeks with the children who are starting to settle we are going to talk about familiar people, so pictures of their new key worker and the other adults and pictures of the children to help them and support them as they transition. With the younger children its business as usual working their way through the EYFS for example Kelly is working on communication through words and actions, Emma is working on the Physical development of the children through different sensory experiences and attempting to feed themselves, Hannah will be rolling a ball to and from the adult and June will be continuing the special bonds with the younger children through pictures of familiar people.

Jungle room has a new member of staff Jodie, she has come from Busy Bees and we are very lucky to have her, if you see her around say hi. In Jungle room they have really looked at motor skills both large movements and small movement. Claire is looking at stretching and moving along to music using our whole bodies whereas Kerri is looking at the smaller movements like picking up rice. As Jodie is new to the room she has focused on the emotional side of things, getting to know the children and helping them to talk about their experiences at home. All of these activities art going to start supporting the children with their early phonics. We are introducing letters and sounds as a learning tool, this is used across many of the school in Medway as their preferred teaching method. A blog will follow with further details about what that means for the children’s learning and what we are going to do to support them.

Preschool have now got an appointed supervisor, Hannah. She has been in preschool for some time now and has been promoted to preschool supervisor. She has a lot of experience with the children and they all know her really well. Hannah has increased her hours and will be doing until 6 Mondays and Thursdays. so if you haven’t seen her before because you drop and collect your children look out for her and say hi.

In preschool we are very busy, its that time of year where assessments are being done again, and we are moving onto thee I pads. We will making this live and as soon as we have you will have a copy of the first assessment on the I pad so check that we have the correct email address we cant wait to start sending them out. The main advantage of this is that whenever you want to see how they are doing we can send it home for you to see. Its also digital and secure that no one except the person on email will be able to see.

There will be a blog to follow with further information about the I pads, Jungle room and Preschool will go live at the same time.

I do hope that I haven’t over loaded you all with information, if i have please let me know my door is always open to talk.

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