You are probably feeling it as much as we are here, the cold winter mornings, the dark nights and the January blues from partying and spending over the festive period. Well here at Happy Bunnies we are going to call it Jumping January!! We are going to be working really hard with the children to ensure that they have a fantastic time whilst they come to us. Remember that it can get cold outside and in the halls so make sure that they have plenty of clothes to wear to keep them warm. We don’t want any snowmen in the hall. Smile

We are going to start on the topics and group times again from next week. The topics have been taken over by Christmas over the past few weeks so its time to really jump start the new year. We welcome all parents in to play and be with the children and if anyone has something they would like to bring in to show the children just let one of the girls know and we will organise a time so show this.

We are continually striving to be the best and welcome any comments on what can be done to make yours and your children’s time better at happy Bunnies.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK