There are over 23,500 day nurseries, 9,600 pre-schools, and 15,000 out-of-school childcare providers in the UK. Early education and childcare spending is at over £7.5 billion.

This growth gives parents a wider range of choices for where to send their children while they’re at work. When at-home options aren’t available, a nursery can be the best option.

Sending your child to the right facility provides them with a range of benefits and takes the childcare burden off your shoulders. Taking the time to find the right facility for your child makes it even more beneficial. 

Read our guide to learn the benefits of a high-quality Gillingham nursery and how to find one.

Benefits of High-Quality Nursery

Over 69% of the working-age population in the UK is employed. Working parents may feel guilty about relying on childcare, but it can be a positive choice for most children.

Your entire family can enjoy the benefits of high-quality daycare. Children get a regular schedule, time with their peers and adults, and an easier transition to school. Parents get reduced stress and interaction with other parents.

Scheduled Time

Children thrive on well-planned, regulated daily routines. It keeps them safe and improves their behaviour.

A high-quality Gillingham nursery provides the scheduled time your child needs. They’ll get dropped off and engage in specific activities at the same time each day.

Interaction with Peers and Adults

A nursery allows children to interact in a safe, supervised environment. They’ll learn how to play together with other children.

The nursery also allows for positive interactions with adults. Children learn to trust the staff and realize that grown-ups aren’t large scary monsters.

Preparing for School

A high-quality Gillingham nursery prepares your child for traditional schooling. It ensures they develop properly and learn how to be around other children for hours at a time.

The time spent at the facility can also help children improve the skills they’ll need in school. It may help their language and social skills, but results from research into the exact effects differ.

Parental Benefits

Nurseries provide several benefits for children, but parents shouldn’t forget how it can help them.

After dropping off your child at a high-quality Gillingham nursery, you won’t have to worry about where they are or what they’re doing. You know they’ll be safe and cared for until you return to pick them up.

Parents can also develop connections with other parents at the facility. It can be a perfect place to make new friends and get advice.

These are only a few benefits of nursery care. As long as you choose a high-quality facility, it can be a crucial aspect of proper development for your child.

Choosing the Right Gillingham Childcare Option

Gillingham childcare options are plentiful and include at-home care, childminders, nurseries, and more. Finding the right one can be difficult, but you keep in mind several factors when deciding.

When choosing a nursery in Gillingham, consider the curriculum, environment, facilities, operating hours, staff, and reviews.


One thing that a nursery has in common with a traditional school is that the staff must develop a lesson plan. They need to determine what to do and what lessons to teach, and when.

A high-quality Gillingham nursery must use the right curriculum. It should:

The better the curriculum, the more benefits your child will reap from the nursery. Look up the lessons for their age group online or take a visit to the facility to see what’s being taught and how.

Environment and Facilities

You should always strive to find a local nursery. This reduces the amount of time you’ll have to spend driving back and forth.

Once you’ve found a facility, schedule a visit to determine its environment. Make sure it’s a clean, inviting area that your child will enjoy being in.

Ask about the security and safety procedures and learning materials they use. These should fit the curriculum, help your child develop, and keep them safe.

Operating Hours

A Gillingham nursery won’t benefit your children if its operating hours are incompatible with your work schedule. Ask when they open and close and when you’ll be expected to pick your child up.

The best nursery is flexible and allows late pickups or early drop-offs if needed. It should also offer a backup plan if you can’t pick up your child at the right time.


Compare the number of children enrolled in the nursery to the number of staff. The ratio should be fairly equal to ensure your child gets enough specialized attention.

The number of staff is an important factor, but so is their experience. They should all be certified in First Aid, CPR, and infection control.

Visit the facility to see how the staff interacts with the children. The better the instruction, the better the facility will be for your child.


While every child’s experience is different, testimonials and reviews from other parents can help you decide if a nursery is right for you.

Use these resources to determine if the facility has the right curriculum, environment, and staff. They’ll also help you see how attending it has benefitted other children.

Researching the best nurseries in Gillingham is important, but so is trusting your intuition. If the facility doesn’t feel like the right fit or your child seems uncomfortable, move on to the next option.

Where to Find The Right Gillingham Nursery

The UK offers several childcare options and choosing one can be difficult. Doing enough research to understand the pros and cons of each is essential. 

A high-quality Gillingham nursery allows your child to have a regular schedule, interact with other children and adults, and prepare for school. It also reduces the burden on parents.

Finding a high-quality facility increases these benefits even further. Look for one with a quality curriculum, pleasant environment, flexible operating hours, and the right number of experienced staff.

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