Benito Tito Had a Bath

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Benito Tito had a Bath Today, pampering was on last week on Thursday and Today for those children then could not see him last week.

Benito had his coat brushed, washed even his teeth were cleaned with a Beef Toothbrush. Imagine if we washed our teeth with Beef toothbrushes. They also clipped his nails! They had a good look at his paws and compared to our hands.

We had many activities leading up to Benito Tito's visits, we learned how to count with numbers and doggy pictures (match number with the number of pictures) we counted Dalmatian spots, we talked about what Benito Tito likes to eat and what he should not eat.

We made dog poo from sand and brown paint and water. Children were then talking about keeping our environment tidy and the need to clean after the dog. Same as we clean our toys that we don't want to turn into clutter.

We looked at factual books about dogs and specific dog types, read some stories about big dogs, small dogs, hairy dogs, sweet dogs and scary dogs.

Thank you Debbie from Influential Child Care Training for sharing your little family friend with us.

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Nursery School Gillingham, UK