10, 9 , 8, 7, 6,5,4,3,2,1. Blast off!!!!

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The children in castle room have been following their interest in the book ‘what happened next about a rocket going into space and made their own rocket display which looks stunning and turned their role play area into a shiny space station.

They have learned about chemical reactions that make the rockets soar into the air , or not, as the case may be! And have enjoyed exploring different sensory experiences using jelly bath and water to splodge around in and making star shapes in the tuff tray which has become a white sparkly moon crater.
Babies have had fun exploring music and movement and enjoyed climbing over the soft play and jumping off with support. They also enjoyed looking at their faces in the mirror and smiling finding their noses in their reflections.

We built an obstacle course to encourage walking and push along toys were used to encourage them to walk independently and to encourage them to dress themselves they were given a selection of dressing up clothes to explore. Although they didn’t always manage to put the clothes on themselves they knew where they went and one tried to put the hat on their head while another waved the scarf in the air before playing peek a boo with it.

They also enjoyed the bubble machine saying pop as they reached up to get the bubbles and laughing while others sat in the tuff try on large paper making marks with large crayons around where they were sitting.
Jungle have been learning about big and small and have drawn themselves on paper to compare how tall they are and have also been doing a lot of music and movement , using small and large movements and making small and large circles with their ribbons

They were given a sorting tray with small and large objects in to sort into two groups with support from their key people and measured the objects and themselves with help.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK