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Aif Wide

Autumn Is Fun! This week in Jungle room, we are exploring autumn. We have a tuff tray full of different textures and fields for the children to

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Math Focus

Math Focus We decided to work on our maths knowledge.  We provided plenty of opportunities for children to engage with resources that encourage maths language

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Autumn Crafts In toddler room, we are going to be learning about Autumn. We will be exploring Autumn photos and going for a little walk round

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Red Veg

Exploring Red Veggies Hello! Next week in baby room, we will be continuing on with autumn whilst exploring the colour red. The babies will be exploring red

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Autumn Colours

All About Autumn This week in preschool, we will be looking at Autumn. We will be collecting leaves, conkers, singing autumn songs, talking about all the things

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Exploring Space

Exploring Space We have been looking at the subject space based on our children’s interests. We set up a tuff tray with rockets, space objects,

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