This week in Jungle room we have been mainly looking at our physical development we have been doing lots of climbing, jumping, crawling we have had the parachute in a couple of times which encourages big arm movements, we have been doing drawing to music which is also big arm movements up and down movements. We have been looking at our fine motor movements doing threading. We have been out in the garden doing running going in the bikes with some ball games as well. This week in preschool we have been focusing on our Christmas card competition which Zebedees have got going on. We have also been doing lots of marking making this week, we have been making marks in the shaving foam in the sand and doing lots of drawings as well. We have been practising our Christmas carols so keep practising at home guys. This week in baby room we will be promoting children’s communication and language skills so lots of talking and encouraging children to respond to different sounds and getting them to respond to their name. We are also going to be doing painting to encourage children to hold the paintbrush by themselves.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK