This week in babies we will be encouraging the babies to play alongside each other both inside and outside. Encouraging the children to join in singing nursery rhymes and copying all sorts of actions. Finally we will be encouraging the babies to cooperate with adults mostly during nappy changing time. This week in jungle room we have lots of fun and exciting things going on, Kerri has been doing some really fun things with the small world this week it is going to be a swimming pool and we will see how messy and lovely that becomes in the course of the week. We also have bubble wrap boot printing going on which will be lots of fun this is the first time we have done that so we will see how that goes. Myself I am doing a different activity i am looking at flour and how it makes different properties.
This week in preschool we are going to be looking at patterns, we are going to be having a go at making our own patterns and continuing patterns from our pattern board. We are also going to be talking about our caterpillars we found in our garden last week looking at their life cycle. We are also going to be looking at our vegetable which have started growing in our vegetable patch and  all the children are going to have a go at watering our flowers and vegetables we are growing as well.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK