Bubbles glorious bubbles!

What a shocking day one minute its hot one minute its not. Dry one minute next absolutely pouring it down; however we have been able to go and play outside.

What did we do? BUBBLES

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In preschool we have been looking at the wind, when we have been blowing our bubbles they have been flying all over the place. Some times they even went towards a teacher, but we did tell her to be careful!!! We have also been making things from straws in the room some of which have been star shapes that we were able to blow and pretend that we were the wind.

We also have played with lots of other things marble run has been our favourite we really had fun doing that.


In Jungle room we have been experimenting with bubbles also, having bubbles in our water play which made a big splash with the teachers. Maybe we should get them wet next time. Winking smile

We also had the bubbles in the room, singing and just having a lot of fun with them.


In babies we have been so busy today lots of surprises for the special Mummies for Sunday Winking smile cant tell you about them you will just have to wait and see.

Babies have had a great time this afternoon with shaving foam messy play and we all smell delicious just feeling it and watching how it is, what great fun.


Over all we have had a great time at Happy Bunnies today a bit of rain stop us. 

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