Monday- Wednesday, 27-29 March 2017


Castle Room – Pre-School

How much fun can children have with bubbles! We played with bubbles today, we found an amazing recipe that allowed us to create massive bubbles in the garden. Some were so big, you could fit a child inside one of them.

We also played games that helped our kids to notice shapes and patterns around the room thus extending their math knowledge and learning.

We did some wonderful dancing creating beautiful movements in response to music on our CD player. Suddenly, we had lots of ballerinas in the room.

We also had a bit of zoology going on today, children observed our guinea pigs, what they were doing, what they like to eat, where they go to sleep. Good talking too, children used words to describe what they saw and what they think happens when they are not watching.

We did some cool writing too, children are learning letters from their names and had a go at writing their own name too.

We also started with a class helper of the day, cool to see how much children enjoy responsibility and helping others with small task. Well Done!

Messy play every day, we painted, built art using junk modeling, we made some play dough, had water and sand everyday.

Jungle Room – Toddlers

Toddlers did a bit of gardening on Monday, they were planting some watercress, trying to follow simple instruction. We also brought it herbs like thyme and rosemary and lavender for children to explore.

We sang counting songs that helped us to remember numbers 1-10, we also counted in Spanish just for the fun of it.

Going out to the garden, children negotiated a simple obstacle course that helped them to develop their eye – body coordination. A little bit of competition is always fun too. We also brought out our slides and tunnels today and a ball pool, that was a lot of fun too.

We also had a zoo inside our room today too, wild animals hidden in a lot of cut grass for them to explore and play with.

We learned numbers by using play dough and glitter to fill in number templates. We played with trains and cars, build a very – very long railway truck. We played with our balls and read stories too where children could point to pictures and name what they saw.


Babies were reading animal stories at the beginning of this week, we were pretending to make sounds animals make.

We also got a bit messy with water painting using a paint brushes and sponges on a chalk board and water mats.

We did some dressing up too, babies liked pretending to be somebody / something else.

Babies also played some musical instruments while singing nursery rhymes.

We were also exploring our treasure baskets that were filled with new and exciting objects from around the house. Some where smooth, some were bristly, some where shiny some were dark and matt.

We played with flash cards today, we were imitating words and naming objects on the cards. Babies also played with tents and tunnels today, did a bit of lovely crawling through them. What a wonderful little explorers they were.

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