Busy Day in Pre-school

P1120358Pre-schoolers were so busy today. We started to write daily notes to parents on our small white board. It is proving very popular indeed especially as most of the children don’t even realise that all the fun they are having is teaching them something too.

We always have activities planned but we also respond to our children’s wishes and have a bit of “child planning” too. Kids never fail to ask for play dough, today colour green dominated. They also decided to build a gian castle from Lego bricks, I think we might have to bring the boxes in again.

However, the most popular activity today was listening the a story about the “Big Red Bath”. Everybody likes stories about baths especially if you have lots of silly animals jumping into it. We loved it, maybe we will create some of the characters so children can re-act the story themselves. What a great day we had!

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