Child Care Development This Week – 8 July, 2013

Our weekly child care video with our updated plan for your child’s development at Gillingham’s best daycare for happy bunnies.

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Toddlers’ Progress This Week

Jungle room toddlers will be developing socially, emotionally and personally. Hopefully we will be able to encourage our toddlers to express their own wants and interests through fun child care activities such as straw painting, sticking and exploring new exciting treasure baskets. We sourced many cardboard boxes so kids will have lots of fun climbing in and out of them in the garden. The most favorite game at present is pretending that the boxes are cars and trucks. We will also get messy with water and pasta, shaving foam and sand.

Babies’ Progress This Week

Babies’ child care will centre on doing lots of singing and moving/ dancing to the music and songs they love. Favourite building blocks won’t be missing either and we will be spending lots of time outside in the nursery garden too – since the weather has turned or summery now. Messy play will be encouraging through painting and mark making too.

Pre-schoolers’ Progress This Week

Pre-schoolers will be talking about the way they feel. Hopefully, they will be able to learn how to look after their friends and take their feelings into consideration. We will also be building and boosting our self confidence making sure that all school leavers are ready for the transition from child care to “big school”.

What Do You Think of Our Child Care?

How do you like the agenda this week? Is there anything specific you’d like to see. Let us know.

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