Our Happy Bunnies nursery provides dedicated childcare in Medway. Here’s a summary of what we have lined up for the coming week:

Pre-school Children This Week

Pre-school children will spend the week ahead mostly outside. We will be putting all their physical movements to the test by building obstacle courses and using them as well. We will be doing lots of running, skipping and jumping too. Children’s fine motor skills will be put to test too by doing lots of writing, drawing and painting.

Babies’ Progress This Week

Babies will be developing emotionally this week and hopefully will be making friends among themselves. We have many stories ready to encourage their people skills as well as a new dark tent ready where they can play and explore lights and reflections in the mirrors.
Babies will also be practicing different facial expressions, such as sticking their tongues out, smiling or throwing. Children will be also helped to play with each other by playing group ball games and sharing play-dough and cutters too.

Toddlers’ Progress This Week

Out toddlers have a communication and language week this week. We will be helping them creating more complicated sentences, helping them to understand and follow instructions. We will be helping the younger children to create sentences using flash cards and communication puzzles. We’ll try to have one-to-one conversations with children, talking about things that are not present, such as home life, pets and / or holidays. Due to hot weather we also chose to have a underwater theme this week so children will be listening to stories that have underwater theme. Children will take part in lots of water play too.

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