Children Staying and leaving

Hi everyone feels like forever since I have written on here been super busy with the children but not a lot of changes have occurred. We have just been having lots of fun being with them in the garden and in the rooms. As you know its half term this week, after that we have 8 weeks left until the end of term completely. Now that’s fantastic for some but this also means that soon we will be losing the children to their big schools. Sob Sob!! We know that they are all ready for the next adventure and we are looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things that they will be doing in school.

If you haven't already Jenni has been talking to the parents about where the children are going and getting a form signed to allow their teachers to come into the setting. Its also the start of the transition stage for the children so lots of new and exciting things to try out. We also have lots of paperwork to complete for the children and as with every year we would love your input. Over the next few weeks the girls will be completing transition forms for the children and there is a small part for the parents to put how they think they their child is doing and a place for signatures.

We have the graduation pictures being taken on the 10th June and the 11th June so the children who are leaving us will have a special picture done in a graduation gown and the other children will be able to have a portrait picture done.

We are looking at all the different possibilities for the end of term events, i know that last year we had a party in the garden with extra toys we will be exploring something like that again.

I will keep you posted about all the different events happening when they are all booked.


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