Hi everyone we are having a cold snap and we have noticed that some of the children are getting cold feet, please can we either have indoor shoes or slippers so that we can keep them warm. We also have risk assessed the nursery and in the event of a fire or even when we do drills it has been noticeably harder to get the children out with no shoes or slippers on. When we had our last drill we had to get the children out some of which had no shoes on so they got wet feet, even though we changed them the minuet we got back inside they were very cold.

So please please please help us to keep them warm.

Also because the way our building is set up it can get very chilly in the hall ways, so if you think about how cold you would be the children will be the same, maybe more vest and jumpers on to keep them toasty.

Cold Feet in Marriage

Nursery School Gillingham, UK