Pre-schoolers will be working on their communication skills this week. We will be playing lots of turn taking games and games that require our children to follow instructions. Children will be working hard learning their songs and lines for our Christmas play next week.

Children in our Jungle room will be learning how to play in small groups this week. We will be helping our shy children to make friends and that includes our new settling in children too. We will be making sure that they feel secure enough to join in with some fun activities that we prepared for them. We will be also introducing measured risks to our toddlers (under close supervision) we will be building and using balancing blocks for them to have lots of fun with.

Babies will be having lots of fun with obstacles and tunnels this week. They will have lots of fun with messy play and painting. Babies will continue to be creating lots of christmas decorations and we will listen to Christmas tunes too.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK