This week in baby room we are going to be having a sensory week, we are going to be mark making in damp sand experiencing different materials and textures and painting with bubble wrap. We will be using different sticky materials to make a start on our Christmas display board. We will also be starting to encourage the children to name objects when asked what they are. This week in jungle room we are really going to be focusing on Christmas we are going to be getting our letters ready so we can take them off and post them and hopefully we will be getting one back from father Christmas, we are going to be focusing on our Christmas songs for our Christmas concert so if you have been doing them at home that is brilliant the words are on the Blog. We are going to be doing things like getting our home corner ready to be a Christmas grotto, making a post-box for our own Christmas cards and we are going to be making a fire place to hang our Christmas stockings that we make. This week in preschool we are going to be focusing on a post office theme we are all going to be going out on little walks to post our own Christmas letters to Father Christmas hopefully we will be getting a response as well. We are also going to be doing a lot of creative things within the unit so any letter at home if you can show your children any stamps that you could bring in that will be great. We will be helping jungle room to create a post box ready for your Christmas cards that you all bring in.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK