colours colours colours

Ball PoolWe have been make colourful bubbles in Jungle room, it was so much fun.

It has been so lovely today that we had our first picnic in the garden, instead of coming inside we went out and had our snack in the sun. Wont be long and we will be asking for sunhats and sun cream. Some of us were to excited to come and eat our snack as we have been spraying the flowers Red roseand the grass with water as well as painting the fence. Saves an important job for the handy man Thursday, oh! he will be so pleased.Smile

In babies we have been in the garden also, we have been playing in the sand, bubbles and we have had books in the garden. We love our new little area that we have so we an get out more in the summer whoop whoop. Smile

In babies we have also been stamping making beautiful pictures.




In preschool today we had parents in for the workshops again, so lots of painting and fun!!!! Sun

Ana has been looking at our heights I wonder who is the tallest we had a look at this, maybe next time we could measure using different things, why don't we think about that?

We have done lots of construction building big tall towers how height can we get them??

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