P1190509 thumbBabies have been exploring spaces this week by crawling through tunnels and playing peek a boo in the tent with each other and their key people. They were using the soft play to access the the tents and stepping on spaced apart cushions around the room like stepping stones.
The home corner has been a big hit this week I keep getting offered pretend cups of tea where they have been in the home corner doing early role play however their favourite game at the moment seems to be taking things in and out of the cupboards in the pretend kitchen.

I spent some time in there this week with a baby who to my amazement started to name the colours of the rings I was spinning while she watched avidly poised waiting for the right moment to put her hand out to stop it handing it to me again and saying, “ready steady go anticipating” when I would start it moving again so that she could repeat the whole process.

P1150557 thumbJungle have been burying treasure in the soil for the children to dig up and explore, they started with seeds that they had to sieve out and ended with carrots and potatos so that they could see where they come from originally. The children loved this activity and enjoyed their own little piece of allotment in their classroom to tend.
They also had fun with fork painting to make beautiful coloured tulips for their garden display and to add texture the soil on the display was actually a mixture of brown paint and soil which they enjoyed experimenting with and looks very effective.

P1150610 thumbCastle turned their home corner into an actual castle with play food fit for a banquet. They told me they thought the castle belonged to the BFG as the there was so much food . They learned about St.Georges day and made their own shields to celebrate.
They also explored their emotions and what makes them happy and sad using puppets and potato heads to make faces of how they feel and it seems they are most of them are happy when they go to a soft play area or the park.
Our tadpoles have become froglets and have tiny legs growing which is fascinating the children as they still have tails but they can also see that they are starting to resemble frogs. Our caterpillars have now turned to chrysalis and we all waiting for them to turn into beautiful butterflies. We will keep you posted.
Also one of our children that is interested in dinosaurs came in this morning asking to find out how fast his Brachiasauras could run! Richard ,never to be one to be defeated ,said “that’s a good idea we will do an experiment to find out later”. Well I have to admit to being beyond curious so I stayed to watch while he tied a piece of string from the ceiling to make a slope attached the dinosaur and balloon and the children counted while the balloon deflated and shot the dinosaur down the string! Genius! And the child got his answer.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK