Gillingham Creche for Babies Now Open

Separate Space to Sleep, Learn and Play

If you’re looking for a creche for babies, our new baby room in Gillingham is now providing dedicated care for the younger ones, a “black and white corner”, a place to play and a nice quiet area for them to get some sleep.

Different sensory areas allow young children to explore freely. We have a black and white corner, a colour corner. There are also shiny objects and a play area full of natural resources. Our flexible daily routine takes into account individual home routines.


Guarding A Creche for Babies

Our creche for babies is a dedicated room with excellent facilities. There are many toys, games and crafts.

With CCTV cameras, specialist baby-care staff and high staff-baby rations, this dedicated care are ensures a safe and secure environment.


Each room at Happy Bunnies Gillingham is specially themed – this creche for babies is as safe as a fairy castle!(The Guinea pigs are standing guard outside. More info on the Happy Bunnies Nursery Gillingham page).

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