This week in baby room we are going to be encouraging babies in crawling by going through the tents. We will be signing nursery rhymes to music and dancing using our whole bodies. We are going to be getting the animals out and putting them into water and seeing what noises they make. This week in jungle room the children have been talking about what holidays they have been going on, we have a lot of children on holiday at the moment and quite a few coming back. We have been talking about aeroplanes, where they have been if they have been on a boat have they been swimming or to the beach, so Kerri has made an airport in our small world which is spot on for starting conversations. We have got paper aeroplanes and drawing paper boat making. We also did a really nice experiment with frozen paints which was brilliant, we just froze some paint and sticks in and gave them to the children. They just had so much fun. We have also been learning how we make marks with different writing tools and how we hold our pencils. This week in preschool we have been looking at caterpillars in the garden so we have all been going out there and having a look picking up the caterpillars and exploring them with our magnified glasses seeing how their life cycle changes and things like that. We are also looking at puzzles seeing how much of the puzzles they can do by themselves and work in groups as well. We have also got floor puzzles so we are looking at them.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK