Wintery butterflies

The babies have enjoyed lots of music and dancing this week. In fact so have I! We all had amazing fun dancing round the room with ribbons and scarves and at sleep time imagine our surprise when one of our babies started to do the actions and sounds to the Agadoo song , in fact we were so surprised that we asked his parents at picking up time who weren't surprised at all and said that mum dances to it round the kitchen at home which we thought was brilliant!

They had fun playing with cooked pasta and enjoyed squelching it between their fingers and mixing the different colours between the bowls and learning to use their fingers to pull it apart.

There was also lots of role play going on with the dollies as babies, they were trying to dress them and put nappies on them and rock them to sleep mimicking the staff.

The signs of the week were please and thank you so if your babies look as if they are blowing kisses at you they could be saying please or they could just be blowing kisses!



Jungle room has looked like just that this week they did mud painting which has formed the base for their investigation table which has acorns, moss, bark conkers and all things autumnal. The children loved exploring the different textures and smells and said the conker shells were ouchy!

They have made a beautiful tree display with handprint hedgehogs , leaf prints and conker rolling by mixing different shades of yellows, oranges and browns giving the room a warm welcoming feeling.

And it hasn't stopped there if you look in the water tray you will find leaves and conkers there as well so they can experiment to see which sinks and floats which they found absolutely fascinating and enjoyed screwing up the soggy leaves in their hands and comparing the textures to the dry crispy leaves teaching them to understand the world around them.


Wet Branches

Continuing the autumn theme castle room have turned their whole room into an enchanted wood. The role play area is covered in leaves and twigs and pretend spider webs and pine cones not to mention acorns which we found a child carrying around in their sock as they didn't want to relinquish them! They made sorting activities out of the various leaves and there is a leaf chart on the wall where they can match their leaves.

We made a train out of the chairs and sang a song of their choice at every station although they were happy just taking turns being the driver and making the engine noises faster and slower using their arm movements to match the speed of the train. They extended this activity themselves and went away to the drawing area and made tickets for the train and started to sell them to their friends for pretend money.

You may also be receiving a clay hedgehog made by their own fair hands, they loved moulding the clay to make the shapes they wanted and then stuck a varied amount of small twigs to create the spikes, but I have to say they look amazing and you will receive them when they have dried.

You also might like to look at the family tree that is growing nicely at the back of the classroom with all your wonderful pictures on.

Until next week.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK