Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Castle Room – Pre-School

We were developing our pre-school children's memories today through reading and repeating our favorite stories.

We were also remembering different shapes and sizes while sorting different colored shapes in our math corner. Not only were we remembering what different shapes look like, we were also sorting them by size and we were also learning how to use words of comparison like biggest, smallest, bigger and smaller, same and similar.

Weather was amazing today so we did a lot of running, skipping, jumping and hopping in the garden.

We were also working on our imagination and we spent quite a lot of time in our home corner talking about cooking and general house work. What does mummy and daddy do when they are in the kitchen? What do they cook and what ingredients do they need to cook your favorite dinner?

We also had our messy corner, art corner opened today. Children had lots of fun doing cutting, painting and mark making. Did you get your picture today? If not, please don't forget to ask for it when you come in the next time.

Jungle Room – Toddlers

Toddlers listened to a “Tiger” story today. (Follow that Tiger). Some of the children even recognized the story and what came next. We were excited to see when the children were all waiting for the “roar” to come.

Some of the children were learning a bit of IT today. They really enjoyed taking pictures on our IPads. They loved taking pictures in the garden and were very proud of themselves when they managed to follow simple instructions how to do it. Maybe next time, we will involve our CD player too.

Our messy play involved rice and hiding animals in it. Children loved making animal noises. They also spent a long time exploring how rice feels to their little fingers.


Babies were role playing today. They played with dolls, taking care of them, feeding them and putting them to bed. We did a lot of talking and we encouraged them to start forming sentences by putting at least two words together.

Since the weather was so nice babies really enjoyed going out to the garden. They were learning how to negotiate steps, climbing and sliding down our little baby slide.

Babies were also taking part in teddy bear's picnic. We pretended to drink tea and eat biscuits and cookies. It was lovely to see our little ones to play with adults they like.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK