Hi every one we have been really working with the children and their interest to see what we can learn, this week as you know its frozen so we have been just talking Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and many more. How many times have we heard the CD.

Well its not just about the singing and the dancing we have been doing some pretty interesting art work, making a snowman, drawing pictures of Elsa and Anna and we have been looking at ice. Ice is very fascinating because it changes. We have been doing so really great learning from the ice and we are looking now for more exciting things that we can learn through the Movie.

We have been talking about family and friendships, hot and cold. We have even pretended to have snow with shaving foam today because as you all know it has been so hot the last few days (with the exception of today)

So what are we going to learn from making our minions next week, i think the most important thing is that we are all different, each one of the minions looks different but they are all one big happy group all working and playing hard together.

I am sure that you know (probably more than I do actually) Minions love Bananas, so we will be planning lots of things to do around the children’s learning but making it fun with the minions.

Babies have been learning as well, they have been doing lots of singing i am sure that they don’t sing the Disney songs just yet but lots of singing with actions. Paulina is back from holiday Thursday and if you are not aware she got married a few weeks ago, we are going to be looking at pictures of her wedding and talking about families with the babies. If you have any picture we could use that will be really great to help them to understand about their families.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK