Eat better Start better is an initiative throughout Medway that has had a huge impact on setting during the time it has been running. I am sure that we all wish our diet was a little better or we ate less food which is bad for us. Well this initiative is all about starting good eating habits young.

Jenni and Jodie have attended the first course and will soon be implementing this into the nursery.

We have started to address the food that we are giving the children and will be re designing the menus for tea time. As part of this initiative we are introducing food to the children over the next few weeks which is different to what we normally have at the setting.

Babies have been trying new foods like Kiwi and Pineapple and Jungle and preschool have been trying hummus and celery.

Though these are small changes at the moment it has been said that children can refuse food 17 times before they really know if they like it or not.

So over the next few weeks we will be introducing different food and going back to foods that we have tried before without success and start the ball rolling. But don't worry they wont be going hungry they will be trying these foods along side their usual tea time snacks to ensure that if they don’t like it they aren’t hungry.


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