Hi everyone,

This week our babies will be icing rice cakes with blue icing and fish biscuits to make sea rice cakes. They will be experimenting with different tools to paint with including forks. And exploring wet and dry sand to experience different textures.

Jungle room will be playing jungle bingo after really enjoying their jungle safari last week. They were able to remember where some of the animals had been hidden. This week they will be developing their listening skills by playing jungle bingo. They will be collecting leaves and making model trees for their jungle scene and using their hands to paint animals.

Pre-school will be learning about number 10. They will be describing themselves to each other and learning what makes them unique. They will also be learning about quantity changes using themselves instead of objects.
And they will be looking at the changes in their body before and after exercise.
That’s another fun-filled week to look forward to.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK