So this week, we have been talking about Autumn. Babies have been exploring the Autumn sensory tray, feeling pine cones,
leaves and much more. I’m talking about Autumn animals like squirrels and hedgehogs.

They’ve also taken part in a bug hunt in the garden, see what they can find and talking about out the various body parts on the books. Jungle Room have shown an interest in pirates lately, so they’ve been doing a number of treasure hunt for gold.

They have also been looking back at past pictures of themselves and helping their key person to stick them in their books.
Preschool have been talking about recycling and how important it is. They’ve learned what materials go in what bin or bags.

And they’ve also looked at photos of paper being recycled at paper mill. Next week is International Space Week, so the children will all be taking a look at planets, spaces, ice and rockets, which I’m sure they’ll love. 

Have a good weekend see you soon. Bye!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK