Unique Facts About Our Medway Nursery

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Our Medway nursery is one of the unique places in Medway. We are proud to emphasize the uniqueness of our school and want you to know how we differ from other Medway nurseries.

Our Medway nursery teachers are dedicated to teaching your child how to be independent, helpful and caring. We believe that children learn best when they enjoy their time at school with us! When you send your child here for childcare or preschool education, we will make sure they feel safe, secure and happy. Therefore, our Medway nursery provides a home-like environment where children can thrive in all aspects of development. We also go the extra mile by providing enrichment activities every day.

At our Medway nursery, your child will be able to enjoy many opportunities for learning through play. Our preschool teachers take pride in celebrating their students’ individuality by providing them with a curriculum tailored to each student’s needs. We provide all children with an environment that fosters curiosity and includes plenty of hands-on activities for exploration!

Continue reading to learn the unique facts about our Medway nursery.

About Us

We are a family-owned and operated business, having been in operation for over 2 decades! This means that you will find warmth and authenticity at Happy Bunnies Nursery, unlike any other Medway nursery. Our teachers are caring for your children like they were their own; because, for them, it is – they often refer to each child as “their baby” when chatting with us about them after hours!

As parents ourselves, caregivers offer personalized care for each child in our Medway nursery informed by our real-life parenting experience. Because we are also parents who are raising children, we are more acquainted with the requirements of each child. We also offer fun learning opportunities for your children here in our Medway nursery, giving them a head start on their academic careers.

With this background and experience, our team is confident in our ability to provide the highest quality child care possible for your little one.

Our Classrooms

Inside our Medway nursery, you’ll witness our happy children in each unique classroom. We have built these different classrooms based on children’s comfortable places. We want every child to have fun while learning and developing their skills. After all, this place is for children, so why not make it children-friendly?

Our Medway nursery rooms are themed in three different ways.

Jungle Room

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With lots of natural light, this Medway nursery is filled with Jungle themed decor and furniture for little ones who love the outdoors!

What makes it unique is the combination of different kinds of animals to make up a beautiful and colourful jungle scene. We also have some birds display in our classroom, a monkey display hanging on the wall, and different trees inside the room. When you come into our classroom, your eyes will immediately be drawn to a beautifully painted wall inspired by Jungle.

Castle Room

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The Medway nursery has a castle theme nursery, including beautifully painted walls – children will feel like they are princes and princesses! We have a fantastic classroom that features castles and knights in shining armor.

Our unique classrooms feature stunning murals to make us appear like we’re living in medieval times instead of 21st century. This design gives off the sense of being royalty for those who step foot into our rooms.

We offer many opportunities for our Medway preschoolers, such as exploring, experimenting, building and creating through play! Here in our Medway nursery, we use real-life objects to make education more enjoyable!

Sea-Themed Room

medway nursery

Our Medway nursery has a sea-themed classroom too. This classroom has fishes and other water animals display!

Themed classrooms are unique because of their ability to redirect children’s focus from the distractions outside. This will help them feel safe in their learning environment. This is also why our Medway nursery teachers devise fun themes that fit each child’s interests so they can learn happily while having fun at school with us. At Happy Bunnies Nursery, we believe that when your child loves going to school every day, it enhances educational success for all students.


We believe it is essential for every Medway nursery to offer open spaces where children can freely play in order to ensure both physical and cognitive development.

Children-Friendly Garden

Medway Gardens is also one of the things that parents are looking for in a preschool. Most Medway nursery has a playground and garden for children to enjoy!
Our Medway nursery’s outdoor area is designed with toddlers’ safety in mind. Upon entering the Medway nursery, you will see our large play yard that features a variety of age-appropriate equipment where children can climb at their own pace.

This Medway nursery design ensures your child remains safe while having fun learning new skills on climbing structures unlike any other Medway nurseries in this region.
This area is our garden where children can plant vegetables and other plants and observe them growing. Inside this garden is different playground equipment that children of any age can enjoy.

Indoor Sandpit

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When you visit our Medway nursery, your children can enjoy our indoor sandpit, where they can build sandcastles with their friends! This fun activity provides children with the experience of digging in the sand, which is excellent for fine motor development. We have an indoor soft play area where toddlers can enjoy playing indoors if bad weather strikes. But most importantly, it offers additional room for your child to participate in different activities throughout each day when classes are not taking place inside.

Free First Session

One of the advantages you’ll get if you enrol your child in our nursery is you’ll have your first session for FREE.
Get your starter session at no cost and convenient for you. Book a date that will be best for you and your child.

Weekly Blog

We always want parents to be updated on our weekly activities. You may check our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube to see our weekly updates.
In every video that we post, we constantly update parents on what we did last week and what lessons and activities we will have for the current week.

Babys Day App

In the Baby Days app, you can communicate with your child’s teacher at any time during school hours to see how they’re getting along. You can also easily track what lessons your kids have that week and even get a list of things that are coming up in the future.
This is especially great for those parents who work outside of their homes and need extra guidance.

At Medway nursery, we believe that all students should be happy and excited about school every day. In that case, this enhances educational success by ensuring positive engagement in education processes.
You may also check our Facebook reviews and see what other parents are saying about us.
Visit us today! We would love you to see what makes our Medway nursery the best choice for your family! Call us at (7723) 317-770 or email us at [email protected]  today to book a tour & find out more amazing opportunities available at our Medway nursery.


How much does your service cost?

We always provide clear and straightforward pricing. For full details, click here.

What is the cancellation policy at your Medway nursery?

If you will need to relocate, or there can be other life changes that you need to cancel your child’s registration, we require 30 days notice in writing so we can reorganize personnel or offer your position to someone else.

If you’re unsure whether we’ll be a good match for you, we offer a long settling-in period – as long as you need it. We typically only enforce the cancellation period after one month.

How many hours can my child attend your program?

We provide full-time care for kids from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm. You can choose from 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

If you want full-time care, we have you covered, but you can book just half-days too.

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