February Ends at Happy Bunnies

YouTube video

Babies will end February at our nursery with developing their language and communication skills. We will be singing songs, reading books. We will encourage babies to understand single words by pointing at pictures in books and on cards and repeating the words that are associated with them. We will be having fun week with babies doing lots of messy play and lots of mark making too.

Pre-schoolers will be counting this week. We will be concentrating on numbers from 1-10. We will be recognising shapes in everyday objects too. We should have lots of fun measuring water in different size containers. We will be comparing quantities too. We will be also sorting out objects depending on their colours, shapes and sizes too.

Toddlers will be developing physically this week and we will be concentrating on our fine motor skills mostly. We will be playing with chop sticks and fishing out different objects from the baskets. Sensory play with be popular we are sure as children will have the chance to play with shiny objects, objects with tactile surfaces (touchable objects as Claire calls it). Everything chunky we call it – big drawings on big paper with chunky crayons. Children will be “cleaning” and using their hands to make “O” movements. We will be observing you little ones too in hope of finding out which hand is becoming dominant.

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