February Starts at Happy Bunnies

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Babies will be communicating this week, we will be doing lots of dancing and actions and singing. We will be playing games like peek-a-boos to encourage them to read facial expressions. We also going to have fun climbing through tunnels and in and out of tents.
Pre-schoolers will be communicating too this week. We will be focusing on their listening and attention too. We will be paying extra attention to the way children sit down and communicate in little groups, we will be listening to stories and try and re-tell them. We will also be playing games where children will have to follow instructions. We will be busy with activities that encourage usage of positioning language, what is on top, bottom – inside and outside – up and down.

Our toddlers are going to be developing physically this week. We will be helping children to hop, skip and run, crawl and walk. We will be using music to make it fun and pretending to be different animals. Catching and throwing small and large balls should be lots of fun too. We will also be developing fine motor skills too by drawing circles and other shapes. It is that time again when we have many children potty training so we will be helping children to learn how to use a potty and toilet and showing them how to ask if they need to go. Our toddlers will be also communicating this week too, we have lots of stories ready for them and we can’t wait to see if they will remember the main characters.

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