The past 12 hours have been about exploration and searching.

Our babies have had a sensory time this week searching for wooden objects in a pile of shredded paper. Bottles filled with coloured water were popular too.

Simple Play

Often, it is the simplest joys in life that make us happy. Our imagination is what keeps us going; that’s why children love fairy tales so much. It never stops amazing me that cardboard boxes are more fun than expensive toys that make lots of noise painted with bright colours – but leaving nothing to imagination.

I too was searching and exploring – this time in the world of child care professionals. Our nursery is still expanding quickly, so once again it’s time for us to find somebody new to join our team of carers. This search is always thorough and requires hard scrutiny – but the effort is well worth it.

And I think I might have found who I was looking for…

Nursery School Gillingham, UK