Today at nursery we had our fire extinguishers serviced. A man came along and he had to do different things to the fire extinguishers, he weighed then, he wrote on them and he had to attach plastic ties onto them. Best of all was when he said that he needed to empty one. We all decided that it would be really great to watch him as he did it. Do you know it didn’t make much noise i thought that it would go bang or something like that but it did make a really big mess. 

Two ladies were allowed to press the buttons to let all the stuff inside out, it was white and it went really far. We had to stand out of the way and they did it over the fence. The man said to Gemma that it wasn't dangerous but we needed to stay out of the way as it may taste Yucky.

Here’s our pictures.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK