First Week Back

This week in Jungle Room we have lots going on, we are really focusing on animal things, we have some animal printing going on we are going to be looking at different animal noises they make and different places that they live. What makes them different the way that they feel the way they look and what noises they make so that’s going to be our theme this week. We are also going to concentrating on potty training this week, we have a lot of children who have just made the transition from nappies to knickers so we are going to be focusing on that as well. We are also going to be looking at our environment and what we can find in our garden. This week in preschool we are going to be playing football in the garden to encourage the children to throw catch and take turns, we are going to be using beads and number cards to help the children match the numbers to the number of beads, playing eye spy with letter sounds familiar to them such as their name and sorting shapes to encourage the children to engage in new activities and recognise shapes. This week in baby room we will be encouraging them to find their own body parts eg, eyes, nose, mouth looking at mirrors to help them find their body parts. Also using song to help them like head shoulders knees and toes. The older babies will be encouraging them to drink from a cup without a lid on so they can get used to it ready for when they go up to jungle room. We will be encouraging the younger babies to pull themselves up using a unit with the help of an adult. Using the walkers outside in the garden to get some fresh air. Finally we will be dancing along to a music CD to encourage the babies to use their whole body for movements,

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